Top Ten Signs You Like Pokémon

The Top Ten Signs You Like Pokémon

1 You watch every episode
2 You know all the names of every Pokémon

Almost. - Pokemonfan10

If only I was as knowledgeable in school! Put any Pokemon in front of me and I can tell you it's evolutions, types, and probably movesets and more! For all 718! - keycha1n

3 You play Pokémon video games
4 You play the Pokémon trading card game
5 You have a favorite Pokémon

Porygon - Pokemonfan10

6 You collect Pokémon toys
7 You have a Pokémon profile picture on TheTopTens

How did you find? - Animefan12

8 You can't stand the Pokémon haters
9 You vote on Pokémon lists a lot on TheTopTens
10 You ask other Pokémon fans what's their favorite Pokémon

The Contenders

11 You have said "genwunners" to insult the original fandom.
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