Top Ten Signs You Should Shave Your Beard

The Top Ten

1 It starts talking dirty to you while you sleep

I would shave my beard but there's a slight problem, I don't have one - Martinglez

Weaver birds fly you to Mozambique.

2 Your own family looks at you like there's a giant, aggressive raccoon on your face

Sounds creepy. - Userguy44

A yak follows you around with a bouquet of roses.

3 You start losing your own children inside it
4 Your dog is ready to go to town with scraggly beard
5 A prince can climb up a 10 story building with it

Really...? Ohh...I only have a few more inches to grow then... - Britgirl

6 You start to look like an alcoholic Santa Claus
7 It blocks your eyesight and/or the entire sun

Are ya sure those aren't yer eyebrows?

8 You have to pay a topiary artist to keep it in shape
9 It growls when you touch it

This list is hilarious. - Userguy44

Best one.

10 If you tie-dyed it green, you would blend in with your outside bushes

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11 If you have bugs or fleas in it
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