Top 10 Signs Your House is Haunted

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1 You hear voices

"Jess help us" I legit was about to faint - Swiftdawn

2 There are unexplained noises
3 Someone seems to call your name

Happened before, is happening again - Swiftdawn

4 You see an orb or ghost

Uh duh this is obviously the best sign because sure I could hear voices um that could be the neighbors, foot steps, that could be a pet or my family. But if I see a ghost yeah I think then I will know my house is haunted. - madmax32

5 You hear footsteps

Yeah, I hope is somebody from the family :), actually I don't really believe in these kind of things but who knows... - MatrixGuy

6 You keep misplacing things

I keep misplacing stuff and my house isn't haunted

7 You hear screaming

Someone is either scared or being murdered.

This has happened to me in the middle of the night and I was alone. scariest thing ever - Swiftdawn

It's not just the apparitions lol - Ananya

8 People are scared to come to your house
9 There are electronic disturbances
10 Things open and shut on their own

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11 Furniture seems to have a life of its own
12 There are odd and inexplicable smells
13 You are scared to be home alone
14 Everything starts shaking
15 You become mad
16 The power turns off
17 You play the Ouija board or have a seance and get a reply

I have an Ouija board and my house isn't haunted

I dare not use a Ouija Board.

You summon ghosts and demons with these👻👹

18 Small objects moving, falling, or breaking

They can't do that on their own. Something paranormal must be causing it.

19 Objects disappear

My mom lived in a house with a couple of friends at one time. They always bought nail polish, but it always came up missing without a trace. She says she saw something, a ghost most likely, outlined in a closet one time. She wonders if maybe it was the ghost of someone who lived there.

20 You start seeing things

My dad thinks he and my uncle Bob may have seen a ghost when they were younger. My dad woke up in the middle of the night and saw what looked like a man standing at his bedroom doorway. He had been drinking and had a bit of a buzz so he didn't think much of it and went back to sleep. Then only a couple nights later, Bob came into his room at night and woke him up and told him there was a man standing at his bedroom door. That creeped him out and made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up because he saw the same thing a couple nights earlier and now Bob was seeing it.

21 You start having nightmares
22 Your pets behave strangely

It's said that animals can see and sense things that humans can't.

23 You feel like you’re being watched
24 Guests leave early
25 Kids act strange
26 Guts and organs appear in the house

Eww, that would be disgusting. - DinoLover4242

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1. You hear voices
2. Someone seems to call your name
3. There are unexplained noises


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