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21 You bring a calculator with you everywhere you go

Calculators are of the most significant tools that a nerd should ALWAYS carry with them! They come most in handy when dealing with large numbers such as the speed of light or Planck time, other than that any nerd could just use their brains.

Damn... I guess I am a nerd. My calculator is my best friend though. I don't think I ever left it all alone. You know your a nerd if you value your calculator more than real people. - Robobrain

I don't use a calculator but my brain!


Exactly. In case you get mugged, you can tell the mugger that the calculator is a phone and you will dial 911 to call the police. When he snatches it from you and runs, take out your REAL phone and call the cops. Genius ^^. - TwilightKitsune

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22 You know Klingon better than English

Nope. I know English better than the Language I was born with. - Blight

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23 You own a lightsaber and use it on a regular basis

Yes, but not for nerdy reasons. I just use it to wack my brother in the behind when he gets annoying.

No I'm getting on for my birthday

Let me share mah nerdyness, I am studying seven lightsaberforms right now I wanna be Darth Maul when I grow up haha

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24 You like Harry Potter

Um I like hermonie in Harry Potter

25 You read books every day for fun.

Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Maze Runner, The 100, and Harry Potter. - PianoQueen

Ya! #Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runners, and Harry Potter! (Don't you even bring up Percy Jackson, because it's a total ripoff of HP.)

Books are life!


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26 You know where to buy Alienware.

I do know where to by Alienware, whats the big deal guys! Nerds are humans not animals that people treat them like one. I'm not a nerd but I do know how a nerd feels if someone teases him by calling him a nerd. And some people are just so idiotic that they call smart people nerds.

I'm the smartest person in school, but not a nerd.

27 People who know you best call you 'Sheldon'.

Advanced Spelling test, highest grades, Math Olympiads and yet no one has ever bother to call me a name. I am also athletic and SUPER flexible. I'm pretty lucky.

My niece and a colleague affectionately refer to me thusly.

I'm the Sheldon of band. One of my best friends is the Sheldon of science. - PianoQueen

What if that's your first name? - Nateawesomeness

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28 You love school more than anything

I hate school but I do love learning stuff on my own. - Rambles

I love school, but not the much I love my friends, family and teachers so it counts that I am not a nerd

I hate how people think all smart people are school-loving nerds. I'm really smart, but I HATE school.

I love school and the uniform!

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29 You are freakishly organized

Yes I'm a nerd, but if you saw my room...

Nope. I have all the qualities except this

I'm terribly organized,note to all school supplies:you will die if you get in my book bag - Nateawesomeness

I try to be. - Blight

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30 You know what http:// stands for

The acronym HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol - the technology used to communicate between web servers and web users.

And yes, I am a nerd. - PositronWildhawk

Http stands for

It's the technology used to communicate between servers and users. For me, it's really important for the internet oto survive, it's part of it's ecosystem. - PizzaGuy

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, I just read about this earlier... - Fandom_Lover

While https:// stands fro HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.

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31 You have an imaginary girlfriend.

*Ahem* *Ahem* Imaginary Boyfriend everyone thinks I'm weird, but you don't right, Boyfriend-kun? - Fandom_Lover

From anime, of course. - ethanmeinster

Oh god, that one's so true...

I'm a Girl. And also, I think the idea of pretending you have friends (forever alone :'C ) is dumb. - Blight

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32 You can type 70 words per minute but can't read your own handwriting

Yes. That is why I am awaiting a laptop from the learning support department

... Problem English teacher?

I can write that but I can't read my own handwriting.

So I'm a nerd, right? - PizzaGuy

Yeah pretty much I can usually understand it but no one else can

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33 You have been called by your internet user name by someone in real life

I swear, every just calls me Cyber nowadays, lol.

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34 You decide not to get married

I am planning to get married when I'm older, but I'm going to try to get to a good college, and get a job with a high salary first. - ethanmeinster

Marriage and then getting locked in my house with annoying kids for the rest of my life is the last thing I want - FireWasp2004

I really not worrying about marriage for right now. - Arcxia

This doesn't make you a Nerd. Worst item on the list, honestly. I will get married if I find someone to marry. The End.

I'm not going to wander around, looking for a Husband, or do Online Dating... - Blight

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35 You hate football

Yes... I barely even know who won the Super Bowl last year (the reason I know is because I have a brother who insists on talking about sports in my ear 24/7 and that's the only sports thing I know) and I will only be at my family's Super Bowl party for the food. (I won't watch football; I'll bring out a book about classical music or Shakespeare. )

Hating football doesn't make me a nerd. And I probably hate football more than anyone.

I Hate football but that doesn't Mean I'm a Nerd

An absolutely atrocious crime. The poor ball getting kicked by mean bullies everywhere. - TwilightKitsune

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36 You have read a comic after the age of 25

Therefore, my parents are nerds, my friends parents are nerds, my grandparents are nerds, my cousins are nerds...

My parents aren't nerds,my mom is just regular,my dad loves spicy things,I'm friends with all troublemaking bad asses,my cousins are sporty,and my grandpa is intrested in engineering and drives a motorcycle,and my grandma is just pashionette - Nateawesomeness

37 Your best friends are the class genius and the counselor

BASICALLY, YES! (If I am not the genius, myself. -Just kidding, I am intelligent, but not a genius-others think otherwise. )

My best friend is a genius compared to me! He's like the coolest person in school though. To me at least. - Garythesnail

My closest friend is definitely NOT a nerd. (Or geek.) But I like her, she's fun. - FennikenFan9

38 You are a fan of Star Trek

Yeah who isn't

39 You like Star Wars



40 You actually know the channel numbers better than the TV shows

This is just seriously weird. No doubt about it. - PositronWildhawk

337(science channel);205(NASA channel);58(history channel);729(H2-more 2 history-HD);273(military history channel);334(Smithsonian channel)...

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