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41 You really hate arrogant people

I'd prefer the term,"highly disagree".

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42 You have a deep crush on Megan Fox

I know I'm not a nerd, cause I don't even need this stupid list to know, so there.

43 Nikola Tesla is your hero.

Yes... I want to be as smart as Tesla, and I know that Edison stole lots of Tesla's ideas. Tesla invented Alternating Current (the current we use today), but Edison gets ALL the credit. Tesla fans, unite to give Tesla the legacy he deserves.
Plus, I hugged a kid because he is a Tesla fan.

Of course. - Arcxia

44 You think Star Wars is cool

Star Wars wasn't cool, it was awesome

Guys, if you don't think it's cool, you're not a human being.

Yeah may the force be with you

Star Wars is awesome and if you don't like it stop reading this

I said stop reading if you don't like it!

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45 You are freakishly skinny

Yes I am a nerd and if you would introduce me to someone I will probably fait. Crap I should be studying by by

46 You go to Cosplay meetings
47 You can remember 7 computer passwords but not your anniversary

Yeah, forgot my parents' anniversary and my own birthday. but I know a lot of passwords! - Fandom_Lover

48 Your goldfish is named Spock

I don't have a Goldfish... my masters used to. Fluffy, the neighbouring Cat, smelled it and ate it. I sat vigil for the poor creature... after chasing the Cat out so it won't hurt my poor, devastated humans... - Blight

I don't know why this is funny, but it is. Haha! - funnyuser

My fish is not named Spock, but it IS named Marie... after Marie Curie.

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49 After watching Weird Al Yankovic's White and Nerdy music video you try to make out the equation in the background

I do not necessarily watch THOSE specific shows, but I often find myself in a much similar state afterwards.

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50 Can compute square roots of numbers manually. V 1 Comment
51 You constantly say "wee-hee-hee-hee-hee"

This is a sign that you're insane. - funnyuser

This one mad me laugh. Maybe I should say this unexpectedly! - Wolftail

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52 You like reading better than anything

No more than my research in theoretical physics and cosmology-and I LOVE reading!

I do research for fun and I have over 100 books and I've read them all

I love Reading NOVELS, not boring school textbooks.

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53 You have more anime cosplay items than real clothes V 1 Comment
54 You know that Han shot first.
55 You know the name of every Twenty One Pilots song

I find this nerdy
I also use this as a reason to call my self a nerd disgrace as all I know are tear in my heart ride car radio and stressed out - ProPanda

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56 You can't sleep without the gentle whir of your computer running all night

I love that sound. - Kaboom

57 Instead of having pet rocks, you paint faces on computer disks and line them up on the window sill
58 You think silicon implants are computer upgrades

Yes! That's what I thought. I was disappointed to learn otherwise.

59 Among other items on your christmas tree, one was a floppy disk

This website must have created or discovered the technology to read nerdy minds!

60 You dream in code V 1 Comment
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1. You don't laugh at this list
2. When the people in P.E. go to the workout room; you would rather stay behind and read
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