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101 You actually listen to the teacher when he says be quiet

Long before he (OR she) commands or orders silence.

I don't want to be quiet when the teacher tells me, but even so,I know I could handle my teacher yelling at me, but I can't handle a detention

No I shout a lot in class

102 You are a liberal

I would consider myself as this.

103 You are agnostic

If questioning the existence of God, makes one a nerd, then so does any profound thought too. It would be a rather sad world without thinkers.

104 You dont know the road you live on, but you know over 1,000 Star Wars planets
105 You remember anything of numerical value as a coefficient matrix

It is a very efficient way of remembering numbers. I am THE school nerd!

It's a good way to remember a lot of info - PositronWildhawk

106 You refuse to have anything to do with text language

ALL texts, posts, messages, emails and tweets are written in full, correct English, including grammar and punctuation.

I hate incorrect grammar. It makes me want to scream! One girl in my class put smiley faces in her writing! People in my class don't even know to capitalize I!

Text language? I absolutely hate text language. It might be a dream for some, but a world where everybody speaks in only text language would be a nightmare for me!

I cannot interpret stereotypical SMS language at all. - Kaboom

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107 Instead of wishing someone a happy birthday, you say "Live long and prosper."
108 You own too many toys V 2 Comments
109 You think playing the accordion makes you look hot
110 You think you are a god

There is a kid in my school who thinks he is the funniest. He said an incorrect joke about Magnesium and I LITERALLY wrote an essay and gave it to him.

No I just think I have a more superior brain then my friends

There is a kid in my class that thinks he is the god of time

I dunno if it's just me, but my friend's stupidity this year is baffling compared to his decent intelligence and common sense last year. - FrozenHatingPokefan

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111 You are in the I.B. Program

I am but I'm really far from a nerd

112 You listen to The Nerdist Podcast
113 You get upset when you get a Piano Guys CD instead of a regular classical music CD like you asked for

I know this is my own sign I posted, but I really do not like it when I ask for a classical music CD and I get a Piano Guys CD instead because "close enough." IT IS NOT CLOSE ENOUGH!


114 You remodeled your room into a replica of the inside of the Tardis

That would be AWESOME!


115 You only listen to classical music, show music, or video game soundtracks.
116 You swore you would never cry at a celebrity death, but you blubbered like a baby when you found out that Leonard Nimoy passed away
117 You know more about comic book characters than you know about your own friends and family members
118 You are a genius who frequently acts like an idiot.

That is me for sure. I get okay grades (A+'s), but I'm probably the clumsiest person on the website. - PianoQueen

Yep I'm constantly forgetting things

My IQ is amazing, but my short-term memory is terrible. - FrozenHatingPokefan

It's true...

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119 The majority of music you have on your iPod are soundtracks from movies, TV series, and video games

OH COME ON PEOPLE! Video game music is awesome! Of course we like it!

To be fair, Kirby actually has some EPIC music! - Garythesnail

120 You wear Jean Shorts In Public

Yeah. I'm sorry, I will NEVER EVER wear short shorts EVER... - Haumea

Not cute cut offs, but the long unattractive kind.

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1. You don't laugh at this list
2. When the people in P.E. go to the workout room; you would rather stay behind and read
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