Top Ten Signs You're Addicted to Pokemon

The Top Ten

1 You throw a baseball at a wild animal thinking you can catch it

I choose you, random flying bird-oh wait, I think I killed it. - NerdyPweeps

A wild seagull appeared! You threw a baseball! It's super effective! - Bunearylove75

*baseball hits a bird* Wha- Wait... Hold on... Why didn't I catch that fletchling?! - aarond09

2 You hold your cell phone up at a wild animal expecting Pokedex to tell you what kind of Pokemon it is
3 You paint your pet turtle blue and name it "Squirtle"
4 You command a turtle to use water gun against a frog

If I see somebody do this I'll die of laughter - aarond09


5 You see a fox and yell "Hey look! a Fennekin!"
6 You tell your sister to make Pokepuffs

(You) Make pokepuffs please
(Sis) Make what?
(You) Pokepuffs.
(Sis) Pokewhaa?

7 You name your son Ash or Clemont and your daughter Bonnie or Sarina

If ever I name my son Ash, that would be the biggest proof I'm addicted to Pokemon. - Kiteretsunu

That's it. If I had twins of the opposite gender I would name them Clemont and Bonnie. Because why not? - RiverClanRocks

8 You go to city hall to change your name to Ash
9 You've completed a Pokedex in one of the games
10 You take a trip to Africa and when you get out you say "Hello Kalos Reigon!"

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11 You give your pets "potions" that are just drinks when they're sick
12 You name your kid Pikachu
13 You buy a cat and name it "Meowth"
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