Top Ten Signs You're Addicted to Twitter

I have a Twitter account and most likely like everyone else, I go on it on a daily basis but here are the few signs you might be OD'ing on crystal twitter.

The Top Ten

You make a list about signs of being addicted to Twitter
You lost touch in reality
You have exceeded the 1 million tweets during your first month on Twitter

This isn't possible as the tweet limit for one day is 2,240 - Milkmustache

You jump off the window with excitement when you get a single follower

I want to see a video of that. - funnyuser

You retweet or favourite every single tweet under the sun
You talk about it too much

People like that are really low-lifes. Put down your iPad and look at the world around you. - PositronWildhawk

You tweet out to someone for attention and hopes for retweets or favourites
You tweet out everything to do

"I am writing on twitter. I spelled twitter without a capital letter. I spelled each word wright. Nope, right. I am about ready to post this comment. I am posting comment..." - funnyuser

You follow way too many people
You check your Notification as soon as it shows up quickly like drawing your gun at a Mexican Roulette

The Contenders

You tag people just to get attention or get noticed by your followers
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