Seeing If I Am A Bad User!

Hello there friends, foes, and followers! It’s lovefrombadlands, and I saw SpectralOwl do a post like this about one of my lists, and it looked cool, so I wanted to do it too because I think I’m a bad user, but this list knows all. Anyway, without further ado, let’s begin!

1: You attack others for their opinion.
I don’t do this one anymore, but I used to all the time in December 2017. If you look at any of Halsey’s songs on the list Worst Songs Of 2017, you will see my mean replies! They are quite a horrible sight. So, I might be a bad user...?

2: You don’t care about quality
I care about the quality of my content(except for on my mincraftluver11 post series because that’s bad on purpose), and I try to make it the best I can, it’s just that my content isn’t that good, but at least I try to make it good.

3: You have unoriginal ideas
What! Being unoriginal is my specialty. All of my ideas are inspired by something, including this post right here. Let’s have some proof, shall we! Name one original thing that I did. *crickets chirp* That’s why I’m considering switching accounts to one called “NotOriginal17.” I’m definitely a bad user!

4: You send hate messages towards other users
I would never do that, although a certain user who will not be named sends me mean messages telling me to die, but I would not send them back, I wouldn’t even consider it, not even in December 2017.

5: You constantly abuse quantity
I don’t really know what that it just making bad content so you can have posts and lists? If it is, I don’t do that, unless creating content every day unless I’m on vacation counts...

6: You have a relentless hatred towards Justin Bieber
There are a lot of artists worse than him who are much better people to have a relentless hatred toward. Justin Bieber is getting better these days, and there are horrible artists like XXXTENTACION and 6ix9ine who are absolute garbage!

7: You receive more negative feedback with each list you make
I’ve only gotten negative feedback once, and that once was a lot, but I deserved it! It was in December 2017 when I created this overly hated list called Reasons Why Halsey Is Better Than Kesha, but I don’t like talking about that garbage, so let’s just move on to 8.

8: You make racist or sexist lists
I would never do that in my life, and I never did that in the horrible month either, so yeah.

9: You Make Lists Criticizing Lists That Contain a Different Opinion Than Yours
You mean lists like “Top 10 Reasons Why (insert list) is Wrong?” I feel like those lists are stat padding, and I’ve never made one before.

10: You are a troll
I don't think I am, am I?

I skipped 11 because I really had no idea what it meant.

12: You make lists trying to dictate what makes a good or bad user
I think this one is just directed towards the creator of this list. I have never made a list about it, but I have a joke post series where I pretend someone called mincraftluver11 hacked me and they teach you how to be a bad user, but it is all a joke, so maybe I do this one.

13: You do nothing but hate on a single thing
I don’t do this one, because I do many other things, but another user who will not be named blames me for overhating something if I say one bad thing about it, which is quite upsetting, but it’s fine.

14: You define the community based on one person
I know who did this! And someone isn't me.

15: You overuse exclamation points
I DON’T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, whenever I accidentally type 2 exclamation points, it changes to 1, so I don’t think this one is possible anymore.

16: You have a relentless hatred towards Barack Obama
I don’t really talk about politics because I don’t know much about the topic, so I don’t do this one.

17: You Have a Sense of Humor
I’m the least funny person you’ll ever hear of in your life, so that makes me a good user? I thought sense of humor was a good thing...

18: You Add Irrelevant Subjects For The Criteria
Well, on a list called “Worst Things That Could Happen When You Open Your Backpack,” I added “You die.” Is that irrelevant?

19: You Have a Downright Ridiculous Obsession with a Certain Fictional Character
I think I know who this is directed towards, and like Halsey would say, “someone isn’t me.”

20: You're hypersensitive
I don't think I am, but I might be.

21: You Hate on Perfectly Good Video Games for the Stupidest of Reasons
I'm not a video game critic, I'm someone who makes random content and calls herself a music critic because she makes album reviews sometimes, but not that much.

22: You always make Justin Bieber jokes
Again, there are so many worse music artists than him, I would rather insult an artist who isn't improving.

23: You're Bitterly Biased Against Certain Video Games, TV Shows, etc.
I may have done this in December 2017...

24: You Call Things "Infamous" Just Because You Personally Have a Negative Opinion Toward Them
I don't really use the word infamous, so I don't do that one.

25: You Make This List
What? This list is 100 times better than all of my content put together, I love this list!

26: You Put Princess Peach As Worst Mario Character
That's just an opinion. People can have their opinions if they want to. My least favorite Mario character is Waluigi and my favorite is King Boo.

27: You Bandwagon
I used to rate songs I didn't know based on what other people thought and just made up stuff. Now, I actually listen to a song before I even consider rating it out of 10.

28: You Abuse the Stats
I don't know how to do that...

29: You Say Something Bad About a User Who is Decreased
I don't really understand how a user could decrease. Is it a popular user who people stopped liking? Either way, I do not like the idea of saying anything bad about users, that's why I hate my remix of Users You Would Like To Rate because I rated people under 5/10 and I kind of feel bad about it.

30: You're Childish and Bigoted
I don't know about the second thing, but I am kind of childish because I have random items on my Embarrassing Moments lists.

31: You Have Condescending Wonka as Your Profile Picture
My profile picture is currently something I drew.

32: You Constantly Insult People For Being "Stat Padders"
Like I said in 29, I would never purposely insult someone, and I don't like giving constructive criticism partly because of that and because of the 1 time I did, it didn't turn out so well...

33: You Make a Lot of Mistakes
I have 2 months on TheTopTens that had only mistakes. Nothing good happened in November or December of 2017.

34: People Hate You
People probably do hate me because I'm an annoying user with bad content. I know one person who sends me mean messages and a few people who just seem like they don't like me, but I'm not sure.

35: You Have a Relentless Hatred Toward a Good User on the Site
I used to have that in December 2017 because they had none of my opinions, but now they are one of my favorite users!

36: You Hate Good Movies
That's just an opinion, but I'm not a movie critic. I tried to be once, and it didn't make sense, so I'm probably never going to be a movie critic.

37: You Don't Try to Understand Users
I always try to understand other users' opinions and points.

38: You Hate Indie Games for No Apparent Reason Other Than That They're Popular
Again, I'm not a video game critic, but I don't really care if things are popular when I review them.

39: You Hate Things Almost Solely Because of Their Fandoms
The only things I put into consideration when I review something are talent and quality.

40: You Get Your Panties in a Wad Over Things that Don't Really Impact You
Now, that's not the best way to put it, but I'm pretty sure I used to do that.

41: You Never Shut Up About Something You Hate
Like I said in an earlier list item, whenever I say one bad thing about a certain topic, someone tells me I am overhating.

42: You Use The Word "Irrelevant" As An Insult Toward Things
Like I said on 24, I don't use the word very often, but I do overuse the word "annoying."

43: You attack entertainment for girls.
Nothing is "for girls" or "for boys." People can like whatever they want.

44: You use annoying memes
I don't think I do this.

45: You Don't Do Enough Research
I used to do this, but now I make sure know about something before I review it.

So, that is all of the items on the list. I think I am a bad user, but maybe other people think I'm a good user.



This probably took you a really long time to make! It's also really good! - visitor

Oh wow, how did you know it took me 10 years? - visitor

You're a good user in my opinion. - TheFourthWorld

You’re awesome, one of my closest friends in this website. If it wasn’t for you and a few others, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You are a great user and you shouldn’t doubt yourself. Just keep being the same person that you are and you’ll become even better than what you already are! - visitor