Top Ten Signs You're Bored


The Top Ten

1 You're reading this pointless list

LOL true. - listotaku17

Sure sign you need to get a life! - ToptenPizza

2 You are pacing the room

As your looking at your phone, of course. - ToptenPizza

3 You're thinking about the homework you should probably be doing

Should I do it? Nah. - ToptenPizza

4 You're rapidly adding Darude-Sandstorm on everything

That is lik sooo 2013 - ToptenPizza

5 You're wondering what you've done with your life

Who reflects on their life? - ToptenPizza

6 You realize as you are making a list you didn't do part of your homework

This happened to me - ToptenPizza

7 You are studying
8 You've slept for 12 hours

This happens every Saturday for me😂 - ToptenPizza

9 You are watching a song you don't like

This is what I do... - ToptenPizza

10 You turned on the PC, TV, or radio

What else can I do? - Ananya

The Contenders

11 You are trolling
12 You'd rather look at a wall than do something that doesn't excite you
13 You're not interested or invested in anything
14 Your attitude is negative but bland
15 You've tried nearly anything you can think of and you're still in a bored slump
16 Things that usually excite you, don't excite you for a long period of time
17 You want to find something to do but you're not sure what you want to do
18 You can't find anything to do

that's me

19 You pace around a lot
20 You want to watch porn hub
21 You question your existence
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