Top Ten Signs You're a "Cool Kid"

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1 You're constantly on Instagram and Musical.y

I am none of these.
1. I don't have Instagram, and I never have been on Musical.y in my life. I know what it is, and I don't see any point to it. All it is is lip syncing! That's not talent!
2. I don't hate nerds in the slightest (I sort of consider myself to be one, actually.)
3. I don't ever judge people by their looks.
4. I would never make a big deal about shoes. Heck, I make fun of stuff like that.
5. I never, ever bully.
6. It depends on what you think are bad songs, but I typically hate doing hand motions. 7. I rarely get into arguements, when I do I use logic. I don't roast people I know. (I honestly do that to famous people that are bad people or fictional characters I don't like, though.)
8. I love a lot of video games! Also, I haven't even seen footage of Madden before.
9. I haven't ever screamed Minecraft as a joke before period.
10. I don't make fun of people for what they like, plus I love Pokémon.
11. I despise fidget spinners. But I don't ...more

What's so cool about either of these apps? Instagram is dumb and is a haven for degenerates and TikTok is even worse. There, I said it. Both of these apps are straight garbage, I hope they crash.

I dislike those sites actually, and I am not planning to join them any sooner. But not all cool kids are bad or are like this.

These two sites aren't good. The later (TikTok) is garbage

2 You like bad songs and constantly do the hand movements in them

Yep, this list really describes my classmates really well. They mostly do hand movements to rap songs. But some cool kids are not bad, they could be nice.

Everyone in my class is obsessed with the not good song Thotiana. I think it is annoying.

I guess I like bad songs, but I don't do the hand movements.

People at my school rap "Juju on That Beat"... I'm done

3 You judge by looks

I judge by how people act but honestly
you can be popular by just your personality.
I'm short and kinda ugly but I still have chill syndrome and I'm popular

No, I am a person that goes by how the person acts rather than how they look. That is a bad thing to do, judge someone by their looks. Just because they do not the latest look does not mean they are bad.

I do judge people by their looks, but rarely. I typically judge people by their actions, the way they talk and what they talk about.

I mean, looks are great and all, but half of my friends aren't even that pretty.

4 You hate nerds for absolutely no reason

Nerds are awesome, they make good friends and they are smart. We should appreciate them for their intelligence, because not everyone in the world has it. And it is cool to be different, I am different from many of those in my school, and I am okay with it.

Nerds are smart and cool, and make a lot of money. Better than those stupid cool kids who bully and cut themselves.

Nerds are awesome.But the thing with me is that I am really smart but I'm really cool, but I'm also really nice and I've never really had an enemy before.I don't really fit into a category, but in a good way.I feel bad for those who do have to suffer though.

I only hate them if they happen to be a jerk. If the nerd is nice then I don't hate them.

5 You try to avoid playing any video games except the Madden franchise

I avoid playing sports games because I think they suck, so I guess I'm not one of the cool kids.

What's Madden (sorry, I know I've been living under a rock my whole life)?

Why would someone want to ignore video games? (*cries*)

Uh is it bad I don't know what madden is?!

6 You make a big deal about someone else's shoes

I like wearing Vans or Nikes, but there's really nothing wrong if you can't afford or don't have the more expensive brands. Shoes are just shoes.

Well I really like Air Jordan's and Adidas and Nike which are considered cool shoes but I also like converse shoes which are usually wore either by normal kids(Kids that don't fit into any cliques) or emo/scene kids.Also many of the stuff on this list are done by bullies or jocks(Not all sports players are jocks.I like sports but I'm not a bully) or other wannabe cool kids.Real cool kids look cool and wear cool clothes and cool shoes but they also have a good personality-DarkBoi-X

Literally anyone who doesn't wear Jordans, Nikes, Adidas, Under Armour, and some others get made fun of at my school. I wear Jordans by the way.

I don't give a flying fluff about shoes. I think Adidas Superstars are hideous. I'd rather just wear my Vans, thanks.

7 You bully a nerd and a week later you get beat up by your victim

I have never seen a cool kid do that before, but that sounds awful though. There can be kids that are both smart and cool. Everyone is different, so yeah. But some cool kids are like this though, which is the truth.

I saw this on a YT video

Well, don’t do it in the first place.

Trust me,many bullys underestimate people,and some don,but still,not a readon to do it.

8 You own the latest iPhone

I use my mom's old flip phone instead of buying myself a smart phone. The reason I do this is because I don't want to become a sheep dependent on his smart phone like all the people I see around me. Seriously, in college, as soon as we have a break from class, EVERYONE gets their phones out. It's like it's their entire life.

I don't even know what the latest iPhone is. Lol
All I have is my iPhone 5 (? ), which I share with my sister.

The newest iPhones don't have anything I want.

No, I’m happy with my iPhone 7.

9 When in an argument, you don't use logic, but you fail to roast

This makes the "cool kid" look like an idiot,

That doesn't make you a cool kid, it just makes you an idiot.

10 You are good at sports

So? I’m good at sports, is that a bad thing?! Am I a big bully? Do I still use “I got one question for you what are those” Am I one of those idiots who like Gucci gang?! HUH? HUUHHH?

At my highschool, most of the cool kids we're good at sports. Guess it's true.

LOL, I can't play sports to save my life.

I'm good at them, but I don't like them.

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11 You are a modern pop and rap elitist

Everyone at my school loves Gucci Gang except for me... Am I a nerd?

Or a music elitist in general.

Heck yeah
I'm a nerd :(

12 You watch R-rated or TV-MA movies and shows

is R rated MA15? Because a lot of movies that are "R rated" are MA15 in where I live, which is australia the down under, if yes then yes because most of the stuff I watch is MA15

I've never watched an R-Rated movie because my dad doesn't allow me to.

I'm too young to.

I do sometimes.

13 You constantly scream the word Minecraft as a joke when a person mentions the word game

A rather not funny joke.

I disagree with this now.-.

Never happens

14 You play with Fidget Spinners

Half of the kids at my school, including cool kids, play with these during class and don't pay attention to the teacher. Instead, they have their minds on a SPINNING toy. Plus, aren't Fidget Spinners only made for people with ADHD or autism? Our district banned these toys, a smart move since they're a distraction...

My fidget spinners are so low quality that they broke. Some of them in less than a week.

Shouldn't use these all the time, only use them if you're trying to relieve stress

I only played with it once, and it got boring after 5 minutes.

15 Everyone wants to be your friend, but not everyone can

I don't actually want to be friends with the "cool kids".

16 You make fun of people who like Pokemon

No one plays Pokemon Go anymore. So I don't really hear anyone talk about Pokemon anymore.

My Pokemon Go account is so outdated it needed redownloading and takes about half the year to load.

I don't do this

You don't have to like it,but at least don't act like your two

17 You speak in modern slang constantly

It's annoying as hell.

Like hashtag lit savage DAB ON THE HATERS

18 You say that music you haven't listened to is bad just because someone else likes it

I saw someone tell me that Marvin Gaye sucks just because I said I like him.

Why would you do that?

That's not cool.

nah that bandwagoner

19 You steal other girls' boyfriends

I've done it and it was funny lol, but I've never had sex because I don't do sex before marriage because its haram its against my religion yes yes nerds I'm a good boi

I steal other girl's girlfriends

I don't do this

Or other boys’ girlfriends.

20 You are constantly making slime

My sister is obsessed with slime. I had to make it with her once, and it got moldy and gross after 3 days.

Is this a problem where anyone else lives? Or just my area? Slime is stupid.

So what? I don't do this but I don't see how it's bad, just slimly slime

I made one once. I don't know where it is now.

21 You own something with the word supreme

I own a Kim Jong un bodypillow and he's the supreme leader.

22 Everyone secretly hates you

The only one I can vote here

23 You talk about Fortnite constantly

I prefer Wii Sports

24 You only play multiplayer games
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