Top 10 Signs that You're a Elitist

I'm not calling names here, but here's signs that someone in general is a elitist. Most elitists tend to shove opinions down throats and try to deflect any critcism they get with terrible excuses. If someone does any of the following things then they're probably a elitist.

The Top Ten

1 You shove opinions down other's throats

The most common sign.

2 You act like your opinion is superior to everyone else's

And this does get old.

Like someone I know at my school.

3 You only like one or two genres and like to hate on the mainstream

*COUGH* Cliche as hell.

4 Despite hating on the mainstream you still listen to the same mainstream rock or metal bands

This explains itself in all honesty.

They’ve whined about pop and rap fans liking what they like because of it being in the mainstream, when meanwhile they’re favorite bands are the most popular and beloved rock/metal bands. Bit hypocritical. - DCfnaf

5 You're hypocritical and overreact to different opinions

What's funny is that SAO haters criticize the fans for defending their favorite show to death, yet the former thinks it's perfectly okay to bash it to death even though the fans have just as much of a right to defend it as the haters have to criticize it. Seriously, anime elitists and hatedoms are so hypocritical and one-sided these days. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

So many people have done this that it's not even funny at this point.

6 If someone criticizes you, you use the generic "No you are!" excuse

Overused to the point it's predictable.

7 You call out pop artists for being mainstream when artists like Judas Priest and Metallica are mainstream too

Hypocritical double standard if you ask me.

They act like Metal isn’t a commercialized product like Pop is. Oh yes, because all of the albums that are up on iTunes are being given away for free. (sarcasm) - DCfnaf

8 You lack musical knowledge

Especially if you call bands like Green Day "Emo" or bands like Slayer "Death Metal"

This perfectly describes most people on this website

9 You can't handle being called out for what you are

I'm not going in depth with this one enough said.

10 You have a massive ego

Both a common sign in elitists and douchebags.

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11 You are closed-minded
12 You attacks people for their tastes
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