Top 10 Signs You're Getting Fat


The Top Ten

1 If everything happened to you on this list

If everything on this list happened to you, you ARE fat! - afeldman21

2 If a double cheese hamburger is winking at you

Is that possible..?

I think I just seen mine doind that today. Is that bad? - metallicaholic95

3 You can't see your penis

I'm not a guy, but this is freakin hilarious! Good one!... wait, maybe I AM a guy, and haven't been able to see my penis over my fat my whole life? OH MAN. SECRETS REVEALED... hahhahahah nah I'm a chick.

God, I must be HUGE! I can't see mine at all! - Britgirl

Im not a guy in all, but AMAZINGLY hALARIOUS

4 If you stand on a scale and it screams one person at a time
5 If your mom locks the fridge

these are great, but I actually giggled really loud at this one thank God nothing applies to me. - Queen-aholic

6 If your boyfriend cries when you sit on his lap

"laugh out loud! " I would slap my boyfriend if he cried! Laugh out loud! Xx

7 If you find Fat Joe attractive
8 If your boyfriend suddenly dumps you for no reason

That's mean. Chubby people are cute. My boyfriend is chubby. - Ilovestephanie

Ew, who wants gross love? Not me.

9 If you're at the black board and the other students keep complaining that they can't see anything
10 If you have more chins than a Chinese phone book

The Contenders

11 If your gym teacher advises you not to contest in jumping
12 If you feel the sudden urge to eat a chocolate covered wedding cake
13 The only thing that you do is to eat
14 Someone tells you you're fat

My Asian mom tells me that I'm fat all the time.

Doesn't always mean they're right. - Entranced98

That doesn't mean anything. Sometimes they're wrong.

15 You get angry when someone calls you fat

I get mad when my parents call me fat (We're Asian)

16 You imagine everything is food

Ooh... Suddenly this list looks very tasty...
*slurp! * - Britgirl

17 If Every Time You Take a Step It Measures On the Richter Scale

Funny lol good one

18 Your waist is more than 34 inches

Agreed, though the NHS thinks more than 40 for men. - Entranced98

I don’t know what mine is. I bet it’s 35 just to make the list mad.

19 If you cannot go inside a room
20 Your jean size is in the double-digits

No! It would be if your jean size is too big to be carried at an SJW jean store!

Mine is 10 in kid size and I’m 12.

21 You weigh as much as your vhs tapes

What if you own just one VHS? - Entranced98

22 If you look down & can't see your feet anymore
23 You get last place in a running race
24 People often confuse you for Vince Neil/Axl Rose

Two famous and good looking rock stars from the 80s who got really fat

25 You're clothes aren't fitting on you anymore

This can also happen if you've just lost weight. - Entranced98

26 The only letters of the alphabet you know are KFC
27 If you keep getting heart attacks
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