Top Ten Signs You're Getting Tired of a Television Show

I think this happens to everyone when you used to like a television show but then you get tired of the show one day. Here's a list of the top ten signs you're getting tired of a television show.

The Top Ten

1 You daydream instead of paying attention to the show

I do this no matter what the show is good or the movie, I'll daydreaming

2 You fall asleep when the show is on

This happened to me with Dinosaur Train. - cosmo

I did that when I was little, when I was watching Arthur. - Minecraftcrazy530

3 You get happy when the show goes to commercials

I do always hope for trade deal with the question of the internet

4 You never talk about the show anymore

One of my friend used to love The Tomorrow People (a show on the CW) but since she saw the serie finale, she doesn't like it anymore. That happens to me with Wizards Of Waverly Place, but not for the same reasons. I stopped talking about WOWP because I watched all the episodes - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

5 You wish the time will go by faster so the show can go off

I do this sometimes for the sake of finishing a season... - keycha1n

6 You're not excited about the show starting

Thursday night. New Big Bang Theory, getting old and boring at 8pm, New Brooklyn Nine-nine, on its second uproarious season at 9pm. The first hour sitting opposite the T.V. is not as exciting to me at it was five years ago. - PositronWildhawk

7 You're not excited to see new episodes of the show
8 Your attention is going towards a new show altogether

The Big Bang Theory is dying, sadly. But hey, Brooklyn Nine-nine only came out recently, and it's one of the best things I've ever seen! - PositronWildhawk

I am tired of Dance Moms already, & probably will watch something else in its place. - ruJILLous

I'm so sorry, Ridiculousness. I started watching America: The Story of Us, and it's great! - DogsUnleashed

9 You walk around the room instead of paying attention to the show

It happens a lot to spend my energy and sore my feet

10 You make a top ten list instead of paying attention to the show

What if that list was something to do with the plot? - PositronWildhawk

Ok adding "TheTopTens" to everything doesn't make a good reason, ok? - ruJILLous

The Contenders

11 You sing songs instead of paying attention to the show

Or you play music on the radio or computer, either way. I do this while Family Guy is on. - NuMetalManiak

12 You masturbate when the show is on
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