Top Ten Signs That You're a Ladette


The Top Ten

1 You're a Tomboy
2 You Can Burp the Alphabet

This is truly disgusting behaviour. - Britgirl

3 You Display Various Body Parts to Total Strangers

There is something special about keeping your feminine features hidden until the right time. So why display everything you've got? There's no beautiful mystery this way. - Britgirl

4 You Can Drink Your Male Friends Under the Table
5 You Swear (A Lot)

Well some woman just want to be like boys there's no problem in that like some boys want to be like girls.

I cringe when I hear this. Women are supposed to be feminine creatures. What, pray tell, is feminine about this? - Britgirl

I love this list because it's a trope. Wow I just realized I've troped some of the list here =-O - happyhappyjoyjoy

6 You're Loud
7 You Prefer Alcohol to Tea

Anyone, man or woman, who even touches that vile stuff is severely deranged. - PositronWildhawk

8 Your Favourite Sport Is MMA

Women who wave their fists about and shout "Yeah, knock him out my son," doesn't deserve to be known as the fairer sex. - Britgirl

9 You Prefer Bar/Nightclubs to Theatres
10 You Have Tattoos

Once, at Walmart (capital of stores with the weirdest people), a woman was wearing super short shorts, and had a pink bow tattoo on the back of each thigh! She looked goth, too. It was hilarious. - Miauzer

This is just awful to see on a woman. - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 You Have Piercings In Places Other Than Your Face
12 You Like Heavy Metal or Hiphop But No Other Genre
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