Top Ten Signs You're Obsessed with Miraculous Ladybug

This items on this list are just my opinions, sorry. But, here the ways when you obsessed with Miraculous Ladybug. Which one is you?

The Top Ten

1 Ladybug and Black Cat become your favorite animals
2 Fox became your least favorite animal after watching the episode "Volpina"

Actually it will no longer be once you wacth zootopiat but they were least favorite after watching dora - epictoonsfan1

3 You sometimes draw Ladybug, Chat Noir, and their logos behind your notebook
4 You really want to wear a Miraculous jewelries
5 You really want Ladybug and Chat Noir to become your best friends
6 You have too many Miraculous toys in your room
7 You have 100 pictures of Chat Noir and 40 pictures of Ladybug
8 When your friends talks about Chat Noir, you blush
9 Your favorite colors are red and black
10 Miraculous Ladybug theme song becomes your phone ringtone

The Contenders

11 You look at the fanart of Miraculous Ladybug a lot
12 Hawks and Moths Become Your New Least Favorite Animal
13 You Cosplay As The Characters
14 You Ship All The Characters
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