Top Ten Signs You're Obsessed With TV Shows

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1 You quote a show constantly.

Every time I watch Bambi now I go "BAM! WHAT?! " when Bambi attacks the dogs to save Faline in the climax. (the quote is from Liv and Maddie).

I used an Anne Maria quote the other day and my sister looked at me like I was crazy.

Whenever something related to science comes up: "The future is now, thanks to science! "

Mom.. "Stay out of my territory". Ohh Breaking Bad..

2 You collect merchandise of your favorite TV shows.

Disney's Hercules merchandise that I have:

-Baby Pegasus Plush
-Hades plush
-Hades race car
-PS1 game
-Animated storybook
-picture book
-pictures that I printed off the computer
-Disney chess pieces

I would LOVE to add to my small collection!

I have a lot of Backyardigans merchandise at my house. This is what I have: blanket, stuffed animals, toy guitar, shoes that I used to have when I was little, DVDs, books

Just enter inside my bedroom and there is FOP stuff everywhere.

My room is filling up with Doctor Who stuff.

3 You daydream about a character.

I always day dream about my favorite cartoon character everywhere and anywhere.

I do this a lot. I imagine I hang out with them. Especially a specific one.

Oh how the mother of dragons haunts my mind.

I also daydream about meeting andrew Lincoln (rick grimes) norman reedus (daryl dixon)

4 You'd rather watch your favorite TV show than have sex.

So you would rather have sex than to watch 22 Jump Street? I wouldn't

5 You hum the theme song whenever and wherever.

I mostly sing Once Upon a Time in New York City from Oliver & Company but sometimes I sing Better in Stereo from Liv and Maddie. Oh yeah, and What a Girl Is became one of my all-time favorite Disney songs.

I do this a lot with you know which show I like. I can hum the theme song of The Fairly OddParents nonstop.

Everything is not what it seems, when you can get all you wanted in your wildest dreams..

Yes, I love doing that! I often hum the theme song of the show I really like.

6 Almost anything reminds you of a TV show.

Liv and Maddie reminds me of my life. In the show, Liv was away for four years in Hollywood. In real life, my older brother was away at collage since August 2011 and didn't come back until February 2015. Also, Liv can be nosy and meddle with others' lives (mostly Maddie's), I'M TOTALLY LIKE THAT! But the whole premise to the show is about how they have polar opposite personalities but are best friends. I keep thinking, "it's just like The Fox and the Hound" (which is my favorite movie of all time).


-Greek mythology reminds me of Hercules: the Animated series
-Chinatown restaurants reminds me of Disney's House of Mouse
-Anything associated with NJ reminds me of the former NJN T.V. station (New Jersey Network)
-airplanes reminds me of LA to Vegas
-little kids reminds me of Rugrats (including me and my cousins as babies and toddlers! )
-teenagers reminds me of Disney Channel

A lot of things remind me of Pokemon.

Yea, this happens to me all the time.

7 You name a pet after a character.

Kind of off topic, but I know someone who was obsessed with Russian history and he named his kids after some Russian emperors. Surprisingly, his wife agreed on the names. They named their first child Alexandra after Tsar Nicholas II's wife, and they named their second child Nicholas, after Tsar Nicholas II. Also, there is a Supernanny episode called the Tsironis family. The twins in this episode are named Teddy and Nicholas. And I know another family who gave their two sons the same names as in the episode.

I have a friend who knows a dog breeder whose dog birthed a litter of seven. They were named after the seven main characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They were Jake, Amy, Charles, Rosa, Terry, Ray and Gina. I jest not.

When I get a dog I would name it:

-Elvis, Zeus, Hermes, or Wynn (male)
-Hera or Athena (female)

I may think of more names as well...

My dog is called Barney Stinson. Is that weird?

8 You have a special ritual before watching an episode.
9 You rewatch all of the seasons.

I watch Liv and Maddie whenever I can. Plus I watch it with my brother and sometimes with my parents. They like it too.

I always do this. Worth it!

10 You know the name of every episode

I know all episodes of Liv and Maddie. Names, plots, subplots (pretty much every episode has at least one subplot), even quotes. I frequently contribute to the Wikipedia page whenever I can.

I know the name of every Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob and Regular Show episode.

One of my friend knows all the name of every episode in English and French!

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11 You avoid spoilers at any cost.

In no way does this make you obsessed! Now sure, I'm a die-hard Walking Dead fan, but even if I just "liked" it, I'd go nowhere near spoilers!

Same! I'm a die-hard Gravity Falls Fan,but even my friend who just likes it aviods Spoilers too.

12 You dream about TV shows.

Same here I had a dream when the Backyardigans characters were on Pampers diapers.

Once I had a dream that the gods from Disney's Hercules were on Pampers diapers

13 Your wallpaper is of a TV show

My wallpaper switches between my favorite shows.

I have a Backyardigans wallpaper on my iPad.

My lock screen is Rick Grimes. And it also says stuff and thangs. My home screen is carl poppa

14 You constantly read fanfiction of your favorite show.

Yes! I do that almost every day.

15 You've called someone by the name of a TV character.

I call my dad Rick

16 You know the name of every actor on the show.

That's me with the walking dead.

17 You cancel you're plans just to watch an episode

I do that all the time

18 You're extremely desperate to bring a show back.

I want to bring House of Mouse and Disney's Hercules back!

I want them to put the Backyardigans back on T.V. so I can watch it as much as I did in my childhood.

19 You think about your favorite shows all the time.

I can't stop thinking about Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas and the Backyardigans all the time.

20 You have memorized the scripts and scenes of TV shows

Not all of it but I have memorized some quotes from Hercules: The Animated Series

Hera: I, Hera, even though I warned him, vote for my husband, Zeus (Apollo Mission)

Hermes: they got you there, big guy (Apollo Mission)

Zeus: I must have left it, um...
Hera: in your other universe? (Tiff on Olympus)

21 Scenes from the episodes constantly replay in your head
22 You watch the show every day
23 If you watch the episodes over and over of any show. Despite the fact you have watched the episodes thousands of times already
24 You watch episodes of it on YouTube
25 You get upset when you can't watch an episode
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