Top Ten Signs You're Obsessed With TV Shows


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1 You quote a show constantly.

Haha, I randomly quote my favorite T.V. shows when I shouldn't

Whenever something related to science comes up: "The future is now, thanks to science! " - RiverClanRocks

I used an Anne Maria quote the other day and my sister looked at me like I was crazy.

I always quote the walking dead.

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2 You collect merchandise of your favorite TV shows.

Just enter inside my bedroom and there is FOP stuff everywhere. - cosmo

Star Trek nerds do that. - Connor360

My room is filling up with Doctor Who stuff.

I am an avid collector and won't stop.

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3 You daydream about a character.

I also daydream about meeting andrew Lincoln (rick grimes) norman reedus (daryl dixon)

I always day dream about my favorite cartoon character everywhere and anywhere. - CartoonsGirl

Oh how the mother of dragons haunts my mind. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

I daydream about meeting Chandler Riggs (carl grimes)

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4 You'd rather watch your favorite TV show than have sex.

So you would rather have sex than to watch 22 Jump Street? I wouldn't - DK

Um seriosly I've never done that before so I rather watch T.V.

T.V. shows are better anyway laugh out loud.

5 You hum the theme song whenever and wherever.

I mostly sing Once Upon a Time in New York City from Oliver & Company but sometimes I sing Better in Stereo from Liv and Maddie. Oh yeah, and What a Girl Is became one of my all-time favorite Disney songs.

Yes, I love doing that! I often hum the theme song of the show I really like. - Kiteretsunu

I do this a lot with you know which show I like. I can hum the theme song of The Fairly OddParents nonstop. - cosmo

I do this all of the time! - Minecraftcrazy530

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6 Almost anything reminds you of a TV show.

Liv and Maddie reminds me of my life. In the show, Liv was away for four years in Hollywood. In real life, my older brother was away at collage since August 2011 and didn't come back until February 2015. Also, Liv can be nosy and meddle with others' lives (mostly Maddie's), I'M TOTALLY LIKE THAT! But the whole premise to the show is about how they have polar opposite personalities but are best friends. I keep thinking, "it's just like The Fox and the Hound" (which is my favorite movie of all time).

Yea, this happens to me all the time.

A lot of things remind me of Pokemon. - RiverClanRocks

That happens to me. - cosmo

7 You name a pet after a character.

I have a friend who knows a dog breeder whose dog birthed a litter of seven. They were named after the seven main characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They were Jake, Amy, Charles, Rosa, Terry, Ray and Gina. I jest not. - PositronWildhawk

My dog is called Barney Stinson. Is that weird?

Well, I have a cat named Gandalf and my dad has a cat named Tauriel. Still, that's a movie, not a show. I wanna name my pet Glenn and my step grandma had a dog named dexter

I named my 4 fish Timmy,Denzel,Chester,and Wanda. - cosmo

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8 You have a special ritual before watching an episode.
9 You rewatch all of the seasons.

I watch Liv and Maddie whenever I can. Plus I watch it with my brother and sometimes with my parents. They like it too.

I always do this. Worth it!

10 You avoid spoilers at any cost.

I hate spoilers! I'm a BIG walking dead fan I will do ANYTHING to avoid spoilers!

In no way does this make you obsessed! Now sure, I'm a die-hard Walking Dead fan, but even if I just "liked" it, I'd go nowhere near spoilers! - higgsboson2142

Same! I'm a die-hard Gravity Falls Fan,but even my friend who just likes it aviods Spoilers too.

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11 You know the name of every episode

I know all episodes of Liv and Maddie. Names, plots, subplots (pretty much every episode has at least one subplot), even quotes. I frequently contribute to the Wikipedia page whenever I can.

I know the name of every Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob and Regular Show episode. - cosmo

One of my friend knows all the name of every episode in English and French! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere


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12 You constantly read fanfiction of your favorite show.

Yes! I do that almost every day.

13 Your wallpaper is of a TV show

My wallpaper switches between my favorite shows.

My ipad lock screen has a picture of Rick grimes

My lock screen is Rick Grimes. And it also says stuff and thangs. My home screen is carl poppa

14 You've called someone by the name of a TV character.

I call my dad Rick

Accidentally called my classmate Daniella Daenerys. - Miauzer

15 You cancel you're plans just to watch an episode

I do that all the time

When I got my wisdom teeth out I just watched a new episode while they took them out :) :) :)...X0

16 You're extremely desperate to bring a show back.

I want to bring House of Mouse and Disney's Hercules back!

17 You think about your favorite shows all the time.
18 You dream about TV shows.

I dream about it every night

19 You dress like your favorite character.

I'm dressed a little like Carl right now.

Carl from the walking dead.

20 You dress up as a TV character on Halloween.

I'll dress up as a character no matter how normal or boring it looks laugh out loud.

I want to be carl grimes so bad. My dad might be Rick grimes.

I plan to be Rick grimes this year

21 You spend all your free time watching it

I do this because I have WAY too much time on my hands...

22 You know the name of every actor on the show.

That's me with the walking dead.

23 You count down the days until the premier of a new season

I have a countdown app to countdown when the walking dead comes back on. 55 more days!

24 You miss a show after it ends or when it gets cancelled

Invader Zim is one of the biggest examples of a show that everybody misses since it got cancelled.

25 You collect tumblr posts that relate to your favorite show.
26 You collect dvds of your favorite shows.

My dad just bought all the seasons of The Walking Dead that are out so far on DVD. I'm so excited!

27 You watch the show every day
28 After a season ends you look up when the next will air
29 If you watch the episodes over and over of any show. Despite the fact you have watched the episodes thousands of times already
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