Top 10 Signs You're Reading a Bad Fanfiction


The Top Ten

1 Written with the express purpose of promoting the writer's bizarre and outlandish sexual fetishes and/or fascinations
2 Grammar is futzed up the rear
3 Characters act horrendously out-of-character compared to their canon selves

I really wish fanfic writers didn't do this to Karel (from Fire Emblem). They horribly portray him as an antagonist to fit in their stupid crossovers when the fact that Karel is an anti-hero, not a villain, despite what many bad fanfics claim.

4 Words are inconsistently spelled
5 Involves certain character(s) getting horrifically tortured for no good reason so that the writer can pleasure himself to it

In Giantess Lammy X Parappa, Lammy:

Gets roofied, stripped naked and sexually violated all over by Parappa

Literally gets a diarrhea dump taken in her ear by Parappa

Gets her eardrum slowly and painfully drilled right through

Is publicly humiliated and forced to watch as Parappa makes his way into her central nervous system, does all kinds of unspeakably sexual things with her brain while she disgustedly throws up in response, and then finally enters the poor girl's grey matter itself to take control over her entire helpless and defenseless body while she desperately begs her adorable, equally naked and afraid cat girlfriend for help

Gets both herself and her girlfriend turned into gratuitous sexual asssault victims of a pedophilic lumberjack beaver, a Jamaican stoner gecko and the Amalgamates from Undertale's True Laboratory

Is literally used as a puppet and made to brutally murder her own beloved cat girlfriend by Memoryhead, causing her to ...more - xandermartin98

6 Writer lacks proper understanding of how actual sex and romance work in real life
7 Comes from a fandom infamous for having way too much fanfiction, especially of the romantic variety
8 Characters talk to each other as if they're literally just standing and reading their dialogue scripts to each other
9 Writer is a weeaboo who won't shut up about being one
10 Is labeled as troll and/or crack fic

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