Top Ten Signs You're Running Out of List Ideas for TheTopTens

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1 Your ratings are low

There are more underrated lists on this site than there are lists that get appropriate votes, don't worry, Think for a catchy title - yatharthb

2 You only make one list per week

I only make lists when I have ideas. But sometimes, even when I do have ideas, I'm too lazy to make them. I have list drafts that I've never even finished! LOL - Misfire

It depends for me. Sometimes I make more lists a week than some weeks. - funnyuser

I used to do it every day so I could have 100 lists. I still have many ideas, but I... may possibly be too lazy.

I only make a list when I have an idea. - Userguy44

3 You're making a list that is trendy
4 You're not even sure what list is which
5 You make a list about signs of running out of ideas for lists

I was out of ideas once, but now I am back!
Want ideas? I'll give you ideas - yatharthb

6 You're not making lists with a full 10 items

I made a list with only 9 items 'cause I don't know any other item that would fit on the list. - Misfire

I only have 1 list with 7 items because Halsey only has 7 unreleased songs.

I didn't even think this site let you have less than 10 items in a list. That's why I have a backlog of list drafts that all have fewer than 10 items. - allamassal

7 You're inactive

I’m a lot more inactive this year than last year. - AlphaQ

8 You're not getting involved with other lists
9 You make lists about one of your favorite shows or video games

When I am out of ideas, I make lots of Total Drama lists. - Turkeyasylum

10 You Make Lists That Rank Numbers Or Letters

that's me - Pokemonfan10

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11 You Milk a List Topic

I did this, and I regret it. - RadioHead03

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