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1 You have no friends in real life, but tons online

It's easier to make friends online because you don't have to talk face-to-face. Although, I do have a few friends outside of the Internet. - Turkeyasylum

I have no friends in real life. So I just stick to the internet. - Mumbizz01

It's not easy making friends.
It's really not. - Rocko

I actually have real life and online friends

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2 You never know when to join in a conversation

Countless times have I joined a conversation just to get a "what the hell are you doing? " sort of response from everyone else. - Rocko

:,( sad that only say random things and everybody starts laughing

That's me hehehe

I’m autistic and I don’t say anything that much since if I do it would include many curse words.

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3 You don't laugh once watching an episode of Impractical Jokers

The show Impractical Jokers covers so many types of humor, I don't get how it's possible. And if you hate me for liking the show, go and watch a few of them. You'll change your mind. Although, if you're a younger user (11 or so), wait until you're 13. - Turkeyasylum

Believe me, I'm socially awkward, but this show is just too funny not to at least laugh all the way through. - Britgirl

I'm 14 and this show is ridiculously funny, I just laugh all through the episode

I didn't.. - iliekpiez

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4 You've never dated someone for more than a week

You're full of massive generalizations, kid. I bet you think being in a relationship is all that matters, huh? How shallow.

It could also mean you're a psychopath or an extremely religious folk. - Turkeyasylum

Never dated anyone in my life.
Wow, I really am socially awkward! - Rocko

I never have dated before - iliekpiez

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5 You know all of the writers for a TV show, and the actors in a hit movie, but you don't know your neighbor's name

Oh, saying movie junkies are awkward? You have a lot to learn in life, kid. I suggest starting soon.

It's because nobody cares, except movie junkies. - Turkeyasylum

I can relate to this. - Puga

This is me - iliekpiez

6 You're a loner

I sometime find peace being alone and get sleepy all the way. Haha - userkosatoptens

Not yet - iliekpiez

you are alone when you have WRONG people by your side - Ananya

Sometimes I can be so depending if I don’t want to be around anyone

7 You can name all of a YouTuber's videos, but not your aunt's name

Oh my goodness, the pure sadness. I actually don't know my aunt's name! I just refer to her as my aunt... - keycha1n

Unless you re out of touch with your relatives besides your immediate family, like me. - Turkeyasylum

Yeah I am not in contact with most of my family.

I can do both - iliekpiez

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8 You don't have a job

You must be since you're 13, kid. You make all these statements of who else is awkward when you're the hypocrite here.

Well, you have to talk to other people in a job interview apparently. Who knew? - Turkeyasylum

DA HELL? I am 12 do I need a job? - B0S5J4M3S

9 You have never talked to any of your co-workers outside of work.

Who cares? You work for money, not to talk to weirdos.

There's an exception of your co-workers are a bunch of teenyboppers, or just flat-out arses. - Turkeyasylum

10 People try to hide their social plans from you when it includes other people you both know

Because you weren't invited and they don't want you showing up

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11 You Are Always Here In The TopTens

I'm one of those people.._. - Mumbizz01

Kind of. - iliekpiez

Not true - B0S5J4M3S

That’s true.

12 You're more silent than everyone around you


13 You still live with your parents at age 35

Nah your parents would kick you out. - Plantera

Yeah, it s a key sign. - Turkeyasylum

14 People ask you if you're shy

Everyone who doesn't know me for real thinks that I'm quiet. Not true AT ALL. I would spend a whole day practicing with a sword or plotting revenge if I could. And I have been in fights before. And I talk a lot, like I'm doing now.

Same. Everyone who doesn't know me very well thinks I'm very quiet, and I rarely speak. My friends, on the other hand, know I can be really crazy - Haumea

This happens all the time at my school. The sad thing is that it's true. - Pegasister12

How did you know?

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15 You know nothing about politics

It's so tedious, yet there's never a person in the world who will leave it alone. - PositronWildhawk

Politics are a huge discussion between loyal adult friends. - Turkeyasylum

All that I know that David Cameron is a wally - MichelleReeves

Wow, you must be great at the parties, huh? Let's talk about the worst president in U.S. history to get it started. Smh

16 You're never sure how to start a conversation

Usually I just sit quietly and ignore people who try to talk to me.
I have to survive somehow. - Rocko

My only problem on this list

Well, not my problem if I'm not very open or friendly.. - Ananya

That’s why I don’t start conversations! I probably end them by not knowing what to say... - saturatedsunrise

17 The last time you've dated is when you farted on a date on accident in middle school

Yeah, it's not like there's OTHER people to date, right? Get over it. Messing up with one person does not equal failure, kid.

One traumatic experience may rip your love life to shards. - Turkeyasylum

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1. You're a loner
2. You have no friends in real life, but tons online
3. You never know when to join in a conversation
1. You don't laugh once watching an episode of Impractical Jokers
2. You've never dated someone for more than a week
3. You have no friends in real life, but tons online
1. You have no friends in real life, but tons online
2. You never know when to join in a conversation
3. You're a loner


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