Top 10 Signs You're Stressed Out

These are common signs ifn you're feeling stressed out.

The Top Ten

1 You get more aggressive/ vulgar then you usually are

Not trying to be an attention seeker here, but I feel this item best describes the stress I go through every day. I've been a little more aggressive lately, but hopefully things should soothe down once I get relief from all this senior graduation project stuff and college application and scholarship rushes. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You might think about killing people.

Especially at School or Work.

2 You bang your head against a wall or desk repeatedly

Yeah I don't think I need to explan why for this one.

3 You begin to start pulling/ tearing your hair out

One of the more noticed signs.

4 You get angered by anyone and anything

No explanation needed.

5 You're always doubting yourself

If you or someone else doubts themself not only could it be a self esteem issue but it could be a stress issue to.

6 You take your anger out on someone else

Happens very frequently.

7 You stutter a lot

Both a obvious sign of nervousness and stress.

8 You remain silent for a long time

"Remain silent" is another term for sulking and can last for days at a time. It's an art in which women are far superior to men in. - Britgirl

Self explantory.

9 You refuse to talk to people about your problems

A very early warning sign.

10 You start sweating a lot

This is one of the common signs.

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11 You try to commit suicide
12 You want to be alone
13 You hate everyone
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