Top Ten Signs You're Talking to a Tumblr Girl

From my research online, but I don't have a tumblr.

The Top Ten

1 They insult men and praise women

Also a sign that you're talking to a radical feminist. - RiverClanRocks

Well, that's Tumblr for you - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I am female, and Tumblr thinks feminism is something that it isn’t. Feminism IS treating women equal to men. Feminism ISN'T believing women should be treated better than men. - AliciaMae

According to tumblr search thingy:
Men are pigs, men are gross
Women are strong, women are beautiful

Maybe menimists have something to be angry over. - ToptenPizza

2 They are a hipster, emo or hippie

I'm can be all of these but I don't have tumbler

Am I the only one noticing a pattern here? Piercings, short hair, obscure hair dye color, radical feminist, special snowflake, on cis people especially men and how everyone is privileged.

Want to see selfies of hipsters, with quotes?
Or emos?
Or hippies?
Just go to tumblr, you'll find idiots! - ToptenPizza

3 They worship homosexuals

I thought the LGBT+ rights movement was to show that LGBT+ people are just like straight and cis people. - RoseWeasley

Well written lesbian/straight ship/couple:
Tumblr: Did you hear something? I didn’t hear anything.
Skinny man staring at buff, older guy:
Tumblr: Ship art, fetish art, crappy fanfiction. - RoseWeasley

I'm all for equal rights but these people treat being gay as if it is a heroic act. - NicholasYellow

Should've seen tumblr when gay marriage was legalized, also they love gay shippings. - ToptenPizza

4 They have a strange obsession over a topic

I like the Percy Jackson fandoms. Anyway, you can find a fan account for any band, book, show, anything. Tumblr has it all. - ToptenPizza

I'm not a tumblr girl (i'm 10 and I'm too young for it) but I'm obsessed with Southpark (Yes, I know I'm 10 and I watch Southpark)

It is not strange.

I have an obsession with the singer Halsey

5 They go on a rant whenever they talk about a topic

I like tumblr and this fits me perfectly lol. - whattheheckamidoing

In tumblr there is no possible way to hate on someone for their opinion, you can only like it, or if you really love it reblog, so tumblr girls tend to have no self control. - ToptenPizza

6 If you compliment them they respond with "I'm no where near pretty, but your gorg!"

A tumblr girl's favorite activity is staring off into the distance, with a qoute about life and telling people she's ugly for sympathy. - ToptenPizza

7 They are very sarcastic

Tumblr's language is sarcasm. - ToptenPizza

8 She is wearing a crop top and high waisted shorts

Crop tops are disgusting. - RockFashionista

I'm wearing jeans and a sweater

9 If you make a sexist joke, she kills you

Only if it's against women. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Tumblr is the no-sexism (unless it's against men) zone. - ToptenPizza

They're so overly sensitive

10 Spends 90% of the time on the computer on tumblr

I spend 98% of time on TheTopTens!

Tumblr isn't THAT addictive. It's just a little. - ToptenPizza

The Contenders

11 They think they are not a gender

They make up genders all the time or claim that it doesn't exist. It's completely stupid. I can do one right now: I'm an fjregihenrklksfmrkgender, which means I have no gender because it doesn't exist!

Oh, I identify as a catfish, and this insults me! - someguyintheworld

12 They are pansexual

Pansexual is not a real sexuality, you are either: Bisexual, straight, homosexual, or asexual. That's because there's only two genders and you're either attracted to: One, both, or neither.

Pansexual is real because intersex people exist. - AliciaMae

Pansexuality is real because people are allowed to identify as whatever they want as long as it's not something like "spacegender" or "demixirl". If someone is uncomfortable with their birth gender and wants to identify as agender, that's fine. I can understand how people can have no gender. Biologically they are still their birth gender, but people need to respect what's in their head. However, there's no such thing as a gender that feels like a forest or the ocean or space or whatever. You either have a gender or you don't. Tumblr just makes up dumb things like "oh I'm 50% girl on Tuesday and on the other days I am fluctuating between magigender and slimegender. And when I eat eggplant, I turn into Superman"

I have a friend who's pan...

13 They believe they are not entirely human

I think it's kinda interesting to believe you're the reincarnation of an animal or mythical creature, but Tumblr girls take it too far. - RoseWeasley

I’m a therian, but I hate therians who are always wolves. Why is it always wolves? Either that or cats. Being a striped hyena therian, I feel very discluded because of all these “wolves”

Otherkin/therians for you. They like the woods? They’re a wolf. They enjoy canned tuna? They’re a cat. They feel extremely happy around fire? They’re a dragon. Unsurprisingly, you never see an uncool therian or otherkin of any kind.

When I felt pubic hair on my face, I knew it. I was part crab louse! - someguyintheworld

Actually, despite also being a wolf therian, I am also a hyena and a rat. (Poly therian) so not all theriotypes are “cool.”
I know why people hate us though, it probably doesn’t make sense to humans.

14 They believe there are a million genders

They can believe what they want, but science says there’s only 2. - 3DG20

Actually, they believe there are 312 genders, when there are really only three. - AliciaMae

There are 2 or 3. Male, female, maybe non-binary. - RoseWeasley

A bit of an exaggeration perhaps, but accurate. These people make up "genders" to fit their snowflake worldview-"LUK AT MEEE I M SPESHUL"-despite being unforgivably, mind-numbingly stupid. There are only two genders, male and female-even a four-year-old knows that, and yet these people have deluded themselves to believe otherwise, beyond all logic or reason.
(The other comment is a typo-the user meant to put "two". Well, either that or it's a Tumblr sockpuppet.)

15 They use made up words they found online

Who does't litterly every one dose that

16 They never capitalize anything
17 They hate actual homosexuals
18 They usually wear oversized sweaters
19 If you even hint that you don't spend nearly every waking hour thinking about bleeding heart causes, they condemn you
20 They're offended by your assumption that they're female
21 They're part of the Proana community
22 They have killed as many people as they weigh in pounds
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