Best Silent Hill Bosses

The Top Ten

1 Amnion
2 Memory of Alessa
3 Asphyxia
4 Scarlet
5 Sepulcher
6 Incubus Incubus is an American rock band from Calabasas, California. The band was formed in 1991 by vocalist Brandon Boyd, lead guitarist Mike Einziger, and drummer Jose Pasillas while enrolled in Calabasas High School and later expanded to include bassist Alex "Dirk Lance" Katunich, and Gavin "DJ Lyfe" Koppell; more.
7 Missionary
8 Split Worm
9 Floatstinger
10 Abstract Daddy

The Contenders

11 Pyramid Head
12 Wheelman
13 Eddie Dombrowski

How is this boss not on here? It’s by far the best in SH2, and a really well designed boss. Eddie’s death is one of the most emotional parts of the game; the only character you really feel like you can trust is suddenly taken away from you, and it’s all your fault, you feel the guilt sink in as your realise you murdered a young man who was in pain his whole life.

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