Top Ten Silent Hill Characters


The Top Ten

1 James Sunderland SH2

He vs pyramid head

2 Heather Mason SH3 Heather Mason SH3
3 Harry Mason SH1 Harry Mason SH1
4 Maria SH2 Maria SH2
5 Pyramid Head SH2 Pyramid Head SH2

He has a pyramid for a head and kills human sinners.

6 Alex Shepherd SH:H Alex Shepherd SH:H
7 Henry Townshed SH4
8 Travis Grady SH:O
9 Cybil Bennet SH1
10 Mary SH2

The Contenders

11 Walter Sullivan
12 Douglas Cartland SH3 Douglas Cartland SH3
13 Lisa Garland SH1 Lisa Garland SH1
14 Angela Orsco SH2 Angela Orsco SH2
15 Alessa Gillespie SH1
16 Dahlia Gillespie SH1
17 Aylessa SH:O
18 Cheryl Mason SH1 Cheryl Mason SH1
19 Henry Pendlton SH:D

I think his name was Murphy!

20 Harry Mason SH:SM

Why the hell are characters like Cybil and Cheryl above him? - silenthill

He is so underrated. This game was so underrated.

"You were with me for so long" - Cheryl
"I always will be" - Harry - silenthill

21 Eileen Galvin SH4
22 Claudia Wolf SH3 Claudia Wolf SH3
23 Michael Kaufmann SH1
24 Eddie Dombrowski SH2 Eddie Dombrowski SH2
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1. Maria SH2
2. James Sunderland SH2
3. Pyramid Head SH2
1. Cybil Bennet SH1
2. Harry Mason SH1
3. Alessa Gillespie SH1
1. Pyramid Head SH2
2. Heather Mason SH3
3. Harry Mason SH1

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