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A list of the best games from the Silent Hill franchise.

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1 Silent Hill 2

Do I honestly have to say anything? I didn't think so... but I'm going to anyway. Silent Hill 2 is one of the greatest games of all time. That is a fact. That is a definitive fact that cannot be proven wrong. Is it a perfect game? No. Some of the voice acting is really awkward among other things. However, the story, characters, soundtrack, graphics (especially for the time), and little shining moments make this game a masterpiece. Each character is deep and rich. The symbolism is incredibly clever and almost undetectable (in a good way) at times. The atmosphere is either chokingly haunting, or peacefully haunting. It's always been a deeply relaxing game for me. It just consumes me with such a feeling of tranquility at times. And the little moments are unbelievable. The opening, some of the Maria scenes, the soundtrack, and the Leave ending are moments that are literally perfect. Speaking of, the soundtrack IS perfect. Not a single song doesn't hit its mark in its own unique way. Theme ...more - regualrshowman1

The story to this was amazing I loved it so much I've beat the game 12 times just experience it again.

2 Silent Hill 3
3 Silent Hill 4: The Room

The creepiest of all of the Silent Hill games, and the most entertaining. The best storyline goes to SH2, but this one is the best game.

4 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

My personal favorite Horror Game! I love the intense gameplay with the unique story! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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5 Silent Hill

A game way ahead of its time. So well made and still very creepy today. Should be #1. - Acdcdanny

Unbelievable! SH1 under Shattered Memories? You must be joking...

This game should be the first of the list. This is the real masterpiece of survival horror genre and the most terrorific episode of Silent Hill, independently of its primitive graphics.

6 Silent Hill: Downpour
7 Silent Hill: Origins
8 Silent Hill: Homecoming

Not exactly the best Silent Hill, but one of the fun ones. Stupendous graphics out of the entire series, creepy atmosphere, easy combat, ray gun, creative monsters, straightforward story, emotional characters, awesome soundtrack, & Pyramid Head cameos. What's not to enjoy?

My favorite Game of the whole series, great Story, great Gameplay, great Characters, great Combat-system... great Game!

I personally think that it's the best Silent Hill title on the Xbox 360. At least it didn't have as many technical bugs as Downpour and it is DEFINITELY better than the HD collection.

9 Silent Hills: P.T.
10 Silent Hill: Book of Memories
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1. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
2. Silent Hill 4: The Room
3. Silent Hill 3



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