Top Ten Silliest Challenges to Try

The Top Ten

1 Slowest walk

Slower than a turtle, I assume? - Delgia2k

Funny challenge

i'd still fail at this because it just wouldn't' work right. I start slow but end up breaking the slow walks - Curti2594

2 Quietest scream

That's interesting, like.. At what point does it cease to be a scream? - keycha1n

That is called whispering - TwilightKitsune

3 Lowest jump
4 Slowest speech
5 Quickest sleep
6 Noisiest food consumption

I am already a pro at this!

7 Loudest thoughts

Loudest thoughts you say? Will my head ever explode for this? - Delgia2k

8 Most sensible, unfunny joke

I'd totally win. - RiverClanRocks

9 Quickest sponsored silence
10 The Cameron Boyce Challenge

The Cameron Boyce Challenge is very hurtful. I have an older brother with severe autism of a 6 month old and he suffered from a seizure when he was a baby. Now heartless and disgusting online are making fun of his (Cameron Boyce) death. But thankfully my older brother is still alive. I feel very sorry and sad to hear about the death of Cameron Boyce.

Not only people online are doing the Cameron Boyce Challenge, but there are also hurtful memes about his death.

Other Offensive Memes: "Hahaaa! So funny! "
Cameron Boyce Death Memes: "You are so offensive! Take that out immediately! "

The Cameron Boyce Challenge is very DISCUSTING! Though I don't mention too much about it (if you know where I'm coming from), but people online are making fun of the death of the most beloved Cameron Boyce!

The Contenders

11 Slowest blink
12 Stupidest speech

That would be one of the most embarrassing challenges ever.

13 Bottle Flip
14 Shock Ball Challenge
15 Human Jenga
16 Beanboozled Challenge

Wish God to not get rotten egg

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