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1 The Drying of Paint

Ever heard of the term "like watching paint dry"? Now you can experience it with the three hour long movie of paint drying on a wall!

IMDb called, they said, they rate this a movie a perfect 10/10. Thought provoking movie that lies greater messages of life inside.

Really, cosmo should star in that movie

I have a feeling that this list would be ruined by trolls

2 The Shoe Shop

A man goes to buy new shoes, and goes on a (not so) thrilling journey through the city! Once he is there, he must battle swarms of annoying little children to get to the shop assistant, and find the perfect shoe! But wait, something terrible has happened. The man has no money! He quests back to his house, finds the money, and gets back at the shop in time for lunch. The happy ending is where the man walks out of the shop with a nice new pair of shoes.

I'd love to see a sequel as this is my favorite movie from 2015.

Some dumbаss movie about some guy buying the what are those 11s

Get me some damn lebron 12s

3 Revenge of the Toys

One night a boy is attacked by all his childhood toys. Luckily, he is armed for a zombie apocalypse. Will he make it out of his house alive and destroy all the toys? This movie is rated M.

I'd like to see this actually...

That's... actually a pretty good idea


4 A Blank Screen

What it's like waiting for the movie to start.

The tickets cost two million Bucks NO REFUND

Just an hour and a half of a blank screen.

In the words of Andy Parsons, a man once saw the story of a depressed loser having a wank... Then he knew what it was called. A Blank Screen.

5 The Sad Life of a Pencil

He was just like the others. Number two, they called him. "Hey dude, the humans are just using you! You have no sentimental value! ". Why couldn't his parents have been lead pencils? He was nearing the end of his life, and was too short to stick himself in a pencil sharpener. Oh, how he longed to stick it in, and keep it there forever. And, better yet, she swallowed he shavings.

The life story of a pencil, from the first time it's being used to the point where it's too small for any use or gets accidentally dropped in a wood chipper.

Thanks to a certain user, we now have a script for this movie

6 The Journey of an Old Lady

The funny thing about this list: Besides awful movies, every single one of these ideas would make a fabulous Monty Python sketch.

It's not her life story, it's her trip to the bus stop!

7 Sparkly Blue Unicorns On A Quest To Planet Hufflepuff

Still more interesting that watching paint dry.

Ten hours of random colour-changing lights, dancing broccoli, loud annoying music, Mr Coconut, and penguins! And no sight of sparkly blue unicorns.

Lol that would be funny

I wouldn't mind this movie.

8 War of Glue

A battle starts in a future time, and people only have glue products to defend themselves! Who will win?

It sounds like a Hunger Games rip-off.

9 A Guy Falls Over
10 Rain

It is raining in the local park! When will it stop?

Critics are calling this movie the best Thriller ever. The movie we've all been waiting for.


When will it ever go away?

I have a great idea for this one.

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? Twice Raids Area 51: The Movie

That would lowkey be kinda cool, tho

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11 The 10 Hour Film Where You Watch Someone Sleep: Extended Edition

I don't watch movies if things I already see through a window in real life

It would be boring, unless the person has the most ridiculous snores ever!

If there's an extended edition, that must mean that there's a first movie.

Sleeping With Hinako anybody? I know it isn't 10 hours but I agree, it's boring as hell. Even worse for 10 hours.

12 Sexy Spoons

This list seems to get weirder as I scroll down!

I would beg my mum to let me see this

I never knew spoons could be sexy!

How can spoons be sexy... oh wait

13 Time to Eat a Shoe

Tim is bored so he decides to eat a shoe.

14 That Gum's Life Story

The story of a piece of gum, which gets chewed, put underneath a table at a greasy diner, taken off by the waitress, thrown away, and causes a poor bird to die.

15 Globe Spinning

An hour of someone spinning a plastic globe! How many countries can you name?

16 Two People Kissing for Twelve Hours
17 A Shoe's Life

The life of a shoe, from creation to being thumped onto a piece of gum at school!

Baby green Yoshi’s favorite movie. Shoooes!

18 The Growing Beard 3-d
19 40 Minutes of Mayonnaise

Yum, mayonnaise!

20 Grass Growing

A movie about grass growing (get it). The movie will be 7 hours long and there will be cameos of celebrities feet walking on the grass.

21 The Life of Gloves Trilogy

One winter, Emma drops her gloves in a snowbank at her local ski resort. Emma's family has left, and it's up to the gloves to get back to her, before they get scrapped--or even worse--Emma grows out of them.t

22 The Life of a Lipstick

The story of a 7 year old girls lipstick as it gets taken away from its friends in a store, meets new friends at the 7 year olds house, but then one day the lipstick got lost and was found by a 750 pound middle aged man. The lipstick is now used by him.

23 A Guy Mowing His Lawn: In 3D

A 2-hour special all about watching a guy mow his lawn.

3D! I wanna see it! I wonder if there's a sequel to it. A part 2 in which he'll mow the front lawn!

It must be boring, even for the guy who is mowing his lawn.

A man mows his lawn. He starts up the lawnmower, only to see it cannot work due to depression. He must burn a peice of Jewellery in a volcano in order to cure his African lawnmower

24 Caillou: The Movie

This would be a terrible movie, please don't ever make this movie.

Caillou dies in this movie

Caillou rages war on his friends. First CaiIlou buys illegal guns and goes to a night cub. He gets super loaded on crack, pot, cocaine, painkillers, glue, and every other drug. His mom finds out and he murders his mom (super bloody scene). He then gets in his dad's Lamborghini playing super explicit music. He gets out of his car and flirts with Dora The Explorer AND KILLS HER! In the end everyone dies in Callous's hometown! In theatres December 19th, 2020! Rolling Stone- Masterpiece!
Rated R for: Crude content, strong violence, gory scenes of war, strong drug use, and every curse ever used 200+ times by 5 year olds

25 Peppa Pig: The Movie

With horrific looking CGI hybrids to go along with it.

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