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21 The Life of Gloves Trilogy

One winter, Emma drops her gloves in a snowbank at her local ski resort. Emma's family has left, and it's up to the gloves to get back to her, before they get scrapped--or even worse--Emma grows out of them.t - BlueTopazIceVanilla

22 The Life of a Lipstick

The story of a 7 year old girls lipstick as it gets taken away from its friends in a store, meets new friends at the 7 year olds house, but then one day the lipstick got lost and was found by a 750 pound middle aged man. The lipstick is now used by him. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

23 Snow
24 My Fabulous Online Romance With Someone I've Never Met, and All the Minions Who Adore Us V 1 Comment
25 24 Hour of Michael Bay In a Nutshell
26 A Valley of Flowers That Talk

"Oh! Do you see my petals? They are the most blush, purple, and prettiest of you all! " "Hey, check out my stem. It's the most green lush thing on the planet! Everyone wants this! Including my leaves. They are the curliest and most delicate of them all! " Talking plants: VAIN AS APHRODITE. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

27 Trolololololol You Can Only See Me In the Movie
28 Baking Bread
29 Birdemic and the Room Crossover
30 Goteem: The Movie

Maybe it shows all the Vines that mention Deez Nuts. That would be fun, but when I watch funny stuff in one sitting its not funny anymore. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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31 Really Long Computer Update

Bob decides to finally update his computer, but when its taking too long. He waits for exactly 9 HOUR AND 36 MINUTES!

Oh no! When will the computer finally finish updating?! See the movie to find out! - birdechosplash

32 The Sad Life of a Pizza

Pizza gets ordered at a restaurant - Enderninja327

33 The 100 Hour Movie of Leaves Falling from Trees
34 Harry Potter Without Magic V 1 Comment
35 The Secret Life of Justin Bieber
36 The Broken Ipod
37 Who Farted?: A Butt's Story
38 The Growing of Grass
39 Man Getting Hit by Football

That is one of my favorite Simpsons moments!

40 Filler Movie

The movie is just a filler

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The Sad Life of a Pencil
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