Top 10 Silly Ideas for Video Game Spinoffs that Just Might Actually Work

The Top Ten

1 Super Princess Waluigi - Mario

Except that Waluigi is not a princess.

2 Cooking and Cake Decorating with Kratos - God Of War
3 Um Jammer Alphys - Undertale
4 The Libido of Link: Breasts of the Wild - Legend Of Zelda
5 Mortal Kart - Mortal Kombat
6 Nintentroids - Metroid
7 Simon Belmont Says - Castlevania
8 Grand Theft Mario - Mario

*cough* super mario oddyssey *cough* - cjWriter1997

9 Nintendo Kombat - Smash Bros
10 Star Falcon - F-Zero

The Contenders

11 LEGO Celebrities - Lego

Lego does anything. This will probably happen in the future.

12 Super Sonic Galaxy - Sonic

Sonic lost world exist by the way.

13 Lego Warriors - Dynasty Warriors
14 Star Wolf - Star Fox
15 Krystal Adventures - Star Fox
16 Falco and the Hot Rodders - Star Fox
17 From Demon To Saint - Fire Emblem
18 ModNation Fighter - ModNation Racers
19 Secret Agent Daxter - Jak and Daxter
20 Palutena's Not-So Revolting Dinner - Kid Icarus
21 Halo Kart - Halo
22 Grand Theft Shadow - Sonic

You know I could see this happening...

23 Sonic the Hedgehog 5: Return to Soleanna - Sonic

I bet the nostalgia hogs are going to complain about this. 0_0 Oh well...

24 Kingdom Hearts Dating Sim - Kingdom Hearts

Seeing as that I hate the KH franchise, you know I could see this happening...

25 Xbox All-Stars Battle Royale - Various Xbox/Microsoft franchises

I want this game badly... We have SSB and PSASBR, so why not?

26 Lylat Warriors - Star Fox

Please make this happen..

27 Sonic the Hedgehog 2017 - Sonic

The remake or sequel to Sonic 2006 that you probably don't want to happen...

28 FNAF Kart - Five Nights At Freddy's
29 Sonic Golf - Sonic
30 Sonic Party - Sonic
31 Super Smash Bros. Generations - Super Smash Bros.
32 Isabelle's Quest - Animal Crossing
33 Blaze and Big's Rosy Rupeeland - Sonic
34 Slippy's Skypatrol - Star Fox
35 Karel goes Insane - Fire Emblem
36 Pokemon Jungle - Pokemon

Inspired by Tokyo Jungle

37 Simba Farts - Kingdom Hearts
38 Kingdom Hearts: The Legend Goes On - Kingdom Hearts

Based on what many (including myself) consider to be one of the worst animated movies in history, Titanic: The Animated Movie. This awful KH spinoff will also feature cameos and appearances of characters and such from other bad animated movies (Disney and non-Disney), too.

39 Sora's Magic Voyage - Kingdom Hearts

Another KH spinoff, this time a crossover with The Magic Voyage, another god-awful animated film. In this horrible train-wreck of a spinoff, Sora will journey across the sea and will be accompanied by Pico the annoying and obnoxious woodworm as well as Timon and Pumbaa. Oh geez...

Sorry, I had to give myself a good laugh after writing these awful spinoff ideas of KH... You know this could actually work in fanfiction. Surprised that these ideas haven't been made, yet.

40 Mufasa's Bad Mane Day - Kingdom Hearts
41 Super Smash Kart - Super Smash Bros.
42 Super Smash Bros. X PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal X Xbox X ProjectXZone - Super Smash Bros.

While seeing all the console makers collaborate to make a crossover seems unlikely at this point, but one can dream, I suppose...

43 Sonic De-Generations - Sonic
44 Banjo and Kazooie meet Yooka and Laylee - Banjo-Kazooie/Yooka-Laylee
45 Super Smash Heroes - Super Smash Bros.

Inspired by Fire Emblem Heroes

46 Star Fox Shmup - Star Fox
47 G-Zero GX - Star Fox
48 Attack of the 50 foot Blaze the Cat - Sonic
49 Mario Hula Hoop - Mario Bros.
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