Top 10 Silly Places to Have a Birthday Party

You should have your birthday party at these places.

This list is made for entertainment so don't act so serious.

The Top Ten

1 At a Funeral Home

Let's put the fun back in funeral everyone! - letdot52

2 At a Wedding Chapel
3 In Afghanistan

Hey why not stop the war and make peace by offering a slice of cake to everyone...

I'd be pretty scared having a party here. - OriginalVisionary

4 Underwater

It would be perfect if you were a mermaid!


5 In Israel
6 In the Sun

This would be the best birthday party ever. - TopTensFan

At least you don't have to worry about chills. Hehe. - OriginalVisionary

7 At a Junkyard
8 At the Dump

Dump aand junkyard are the same thing-unles your tlking about a chemmichal dump! - Qwertyhello

9 Hell

Hell's Kitchen in Vegas would be better!

10 In a Grave

IT WOULD BE THE PERFECT BIRTHDAY! If you were a vampire like me.

The Contenders

11 A High Security Prison

Who would want to celebrate there birthday in a dirty, uncomfortable place with criminals?

12 At the Old Folks' Home
13 On Venus

Too bad it's physically impossible... - Minecraftcrazy530

14 In the Bathroom
15 At Your Mom's House

It's so good

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