Top 10 Silly Titles for a "for Dummies" Book


The Top Ten

1 How to be Stupid and Not Plain Funny for Dummies
2 Handling a Boner in Front of Elderlies for Dummies

Well then... - Catacorn

3 How to Not Screw Things Up for Dummies

This would be the perfect book for me lol. - Catacorn

Simple. Don't screw things up. - StephanTheIdiot

4 Hacking Your Girlfriend Using C++ for Dummies
5 Surrendering for French Dummies

Surrendering is a French culture and everyday activity! Not to mention, in special occassions, they will fly their white flags near German borders! - StephanTheIdiot

6 Hogging the TV 24 Hour a Day, for Dummies

Written by me lol - TwilightKitsune

7 Buying a Dummies Book for Dummies
8 How to F***ing Cuss F***ing A F***ing Lot, You S***face C***, for Motherf***ing Dummies (Dumb***es)
9 Becoming a SJW Keyboard-warrior for Dummies

"Contains the guide you need on how to hate white, priviliged, Christian, American, male, straight, human, and slim mens, and getting offended by everything! " ~Cover - StephanTheIdiot

10 Hiding in a Cave from Stinkin' Americans for Dummies

Written by Osama bin Laden... hide & seek champion. - StephanTheIdiot

The Contenders

11 Pooping for Dummies
12 Breathing for Dummies
13 Dummies for Dummies
14 Suicide Bombing for Dummies
15 For Dummies for Dummies
16 How to Read a Dummies Book for Dummies
17 Finding Waldo for Dummies

Here I am - waldo

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