Best SimCity Games

Here is a list of those SimCity games from good to bad.

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1 SimCity 4 SimCity 4 Product Image

It is indeed. Fun to play, great music, and great 3D graphics. - HoldenFanatic

Best Sim City game. However, to get the best experience, you should download the Network Addon Mod. It lets you build different roads mostly for cosmetic effect. I tend to just use it for the improved traffic simulation and ignore the dozens of new roads. - Electricbassguy

A really fun game. Hey by the way, whoever put down the game cases on this list are awesome! Thank You!

I love it, and the background music!

2 SimCity 2000 SimCity 2000 Product Image

It's the best game ever

The best SimCity. By far.

A pretty fun game, but not much stuff.

3 SimCity 3000 SimCity 3000 Product Image

The second best game, everything is bright and looks fun, but it is a challenging game.

4 SimCity (2013) SimCity (2013) Product Image

Fun and awful at the same time.

A pretty bad game but it is a little fun.

Despite all the extraneous bugs, the game is still fun.

5 SimCity (1989)

The first game in the SimCity Series. Pretty fun but confusing.

6 SimCity Societies SimCity Societies Product Image

Game had some real unique ideas that I wish went into other city builders: thematic cities. Want to have an industrial city that ACTUALLY looks like what you pictured it? Want to make a city outta 1984? A scifi back-to-the-future mosque city? I wish the themes had policies and ordinances to go with them. The unique buildings were cool but it could be so much more. Imagine if Sim City 4 or 3k had that. Would never stop playing it.

It may not look like it's part of SimCity, but it is still a fun game.

7 SimCity 4: Rush Hour SimCity 4: Rush Hour Product Image

The expansion to SimCity 4, pretty fun but lots of traffic.

8 SimCity Creator SimCity Creator  Product Image

It's forgotten because of the fact it's not on PC. This was a very good Sim City and I think it's got the best soundtrack

9 Simcity Buildit

It is great for me. I tried it and it was great!

Worst SimCity version on earth. It is just a pay to win game terrible! You have to wait forever for the materials to be made. And oh yeah... to make any building or upgrade you need these materials which take a few hours or days to be made. Terrible!

Worst game of the series. Ruins the strategic momentum of the series, and instead makes it one of those cheap mobile games. I think an actual port would have been nice, like a remaster of the original 1989 game.

10 SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Product Image

The expansion to SimCity 2013, future buildings in the game but it sometimes crash.

The Contenders

11 SimCity Societies: Destinations

The expansion to SimCity Societies, fun but bad.

12 SimCity DS 2 SimCity DS 2 Product Image
13 SimCity DS SimCity DS Product Image
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