Best SimCity Games

Here is a list of those SimCity games from good to bad.

The Top Ten

1 SimCity 4

A really fun game. Hey by the way, whoever put down the game cases on this list are awesome! Thank You!

I love it, and the background music!

The lord of the SimCity franchise (Series). I LOVE this game so much that I play it a lot. Unlike SimCity 1, SimCity 2000, and SimCity 3000, SimCity 4's gameplay is 2D, which makes it a fun game.

Great game! great background music! Great everything! it's so fun

2 SimCity 3000

The second best game, everything is bright and looks fun, but it is a challenging game.

3 SimCity (1989)

The first game in the SimCity Series. Pretty fun but confusing.

4 SimCity 2000

A pretty fun game, but not much stuff.

5 SimCity Societies

It may not look like it's part of SimCity, but it is still a fun game.

6 SimCity (2013)

A pretty bad game but it is a little fun.

7 SimCity 4: Rush Hour

The expansion to SimCity 4, pretty fun but lots of traffic.

8 SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow

The expansion to SimCity 2013, future buildings in the game but it sometimes crash.

9 SimCity Societies: Destinations

The expansion to SimCity Societies, fun but bad.

10 SimCity Creator

It's forgotten because of the fact it's not on PC. This was a very good Sim City and I think it's got the best soundtrack

The Contenders

11 SimCity DS
12 SimCity DS 2
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