Top Ten Similarities Between Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix

The Top Ten

Both Died At The Age Of 27

Can't say I didn't know that. - IronSabbathPriest

The 27 club... - Misfire

Both Were Left-Handed
Both Spent Some Time In Seattle,Washington
Both Played Rock Music
Both Were Lead Vocalists Of Their Bands
Both Were Lead Guitarists Of Their Bands
Both Had Drug Experiences
Both Had Only 3 Studio Albums

Nirvana had 3: Bleach, nevermind and in utero. Insecticide was an EP not an album

No. Nirvana had 4. Bleach Nevermind Intesticide and In Utero

Kurt And Jimi Both Had 4 Letters In Them

Lol I didn’t even notice this. - Misfire

Both Had Been Arrested Twice

The Contenders

Both Had a Bic Lighter In Their Pockets at the Time of Their Death
Both Were Awesome


Both Get Cited As Almost Everyone's Favourite Band/Singer
Both Played Left-Handed Guitar
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