Top Ten Similarities Between Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix


The Top Ten

1 Both Died At The Age Of 27

The 27 club... - Misfire

Can't say I didn't know that. - IronSabbathPriest

2 Both Were Left-Handed
3 Both Spent Some Time In Seattle,Washington
4 Both Played Rock Music
5 Both Were Lead Vocalists Of Their Bands
6 Both Were Lead Guitarists Of Their Bands
7 Both Had Drug Experiences
8 Both Had Only 3 Studio Albums

Nirvana had 3: Bleach, nevermind and in utero. Insecticide was an EP not an album

No. Nirvana had 4. Bleach Nevermind Intesticide and In Utero

9 Kurt And Jimi Both Had 4 Letters In Them

Lol I didn’t even notice this. - Misfire

10 Both Had Been Arrested Twice

The Contenders

11 Both Had a Bic Lighter In Their Pockets at the Time of Their Death
12 Both Were Awesome


13 Both Get Cited As Almost Everyone's Favourite Band/Singer
14 Both Played Left-Handed Guitar
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