Top 10 Similarities Between Metallica's Black Album and Avenged Sevenfold's Hail to the King

The Top Ten

1 Sad But True and This Means War Sound Similar

That's because A7X ripped off Sad But True with This Means War - christangrant

2 Both have a Black Album Cover
3 Both Albums Hit Number 1 On Billboard 200
4 Enter Sandman and Shepherd of Fire Sound Similar

Oh and both tracks are the first track of the album - christangrant

And also both tracks are above 5 Minutes long - christangrant

5 Both Have A Ballad

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters and the Unforgiven
A7X: Acid Rain - christangrant

6 Both have a Commercial Sound

A7X: Commercial Hard Rock
Metallica: Commercial Heavy/Thrash Metal - christangrant

7 Both Revived Positive Reviews Upon Release
8 Both Have More than 10 Tracks

If you include St. James (Bonus Track on Hail to the King) then both albums have more than 10 tracks - christangrant

9 Both Albums Have Critical Success Upon Release
10 The Fans Love Both Albums

Just needed a filler item - christangrant

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