Top 10 Similarities Between Music Genres and Their Fans

These are some similarities between music genres and music fans

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1 Rock - Excited Rock - Excited

I'm a rock fan.I like excitement and I'm also a little bit of excited person.But I also like sad songs - zxm

2 Heavy Metal - Energetic Heavy Metal - Energetic

If you've ever been to a mosh pit you would agree with this. - Brobusky

3 Rap - Violent

Commonly associated with black ghettos, which is racist, since they don't know any better due to the people born in them being raised in a bad environment. You're losing your touch. - SwagFlicks

Why nowadays every time I see an item about rap music in a list the creator is always stereotyping the genre? Get off of the nuts, already. - Mcgillacuddy

Lots of rap fans I know aren't violent - TwilightKitsune

I guess that's a similarity in some rap fans, but it's not a common trait compared to lots of others. - Luxam

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4 Folk - Emotional
5 Heavy Metal - Passionate

I'm more into Power Metal, but this still applies. - Merilille

This describes me best as a metalhead. - Metal_Treasure

There are a ton of passionate TopTenners who love metal. I see them everywhere :D

Aren't most true fans passionate about the music they love- regardless of "genre"? - Billyv

6 Punk Rock - Offensive Punk Rock - Offensive

Yes lel. - PanagosBoi17

7 Blues - Sad Blues - Sad

I've heard a bit of this genre. It's more of a calm feeling than a sad one. - AlphaQ

8 Pop - Calm

Crazy fangirls (a part of the fans) aren't calm. At all. - Elina

Michael Jackson's fans are calm.But Justin's Bieber's fans are little bit less calm - zxm

I tbink "Chill" would've been a more fitting word. It describes the regular fans though, of course. - Luxam

9 Heavy Metal - Aggressive

Just a stereotype - Fretto

Aggression isn't always a bad thing.We love aggressive footballers. - zxm

10 Indie - Introvert

There's even an indie song called introverted by Yung Elita. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

The Contenders

11 Disco - Happy

This is true! - InfernoTopTenners

12 Pop - Immature

The last time I met an immature pop fan was when I was exploring the conflict between Little Mix and Fifth Harmony fans. - Swellow

13 Jazz - Happy

This is true. More calm, though. I just listen to jazz when I'm bored. And I'm the least calm person you could meet. - RiverClanRocks

True true true...

Jazz makes you feel many emotions, which is why it's my 3rd favorite genre of all time, up there with rap and EDM. - SwagFlicks

Hmmm...usually happy :) Although I know many many people who love really heavy metal and honestly, they are the most laid-back, calm and friendly people you could meet.
Playing devil's advocate here...but I'd say that fans of pop and hip-hop are more argumentative and aggressive... - Britgirl

14 Dance - Assertive

I'm more indifferent. - Swellow

15 Melodic Hardcore - Nice but Has an Angry Side
16 Ska - Happy

Or drug addict - Songsta41

I love ska! - Britgirl

17 Dubstep - Energetic and Powerful

I listen to Dubstep and Metal all the time and it helped me get good grades and it makes me energetic! - InfernoTopTenners

18 Progressive Rock - Funny Progressive Rock - Funny Progressive rock is a broad genre of rock music that developed in the United Kingdom and United States throughout the mid to late 1960s.
19 Bad Pop - Annoying
20 Rap - Depressed
21 Rap - Inspirational
22 Rap - Emotional
23 Screamo - Overly Aggressive
24 Emo Rock - Emotional

They have different types of feelings! - InfernoTopTenners

25 Pop - Fun
26 Progressive Rock - Imaginative
27 Black Metal - Satanic
28 Pop - Energetic
29 House Music - Happy
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1. Folk - Emotional
2. Heavy Metal - Passionate
3. Indie - Introvert
1. Rock - Excited
2. Pop - Calm
3. Heavy Metal - Aggressive
1. Heavy Metal - Energetic
2. Rock - Excited
3. Rap - Violent


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