Top 10 Similarities Between SJWs and the Alt Right

As a Centre Left/Left Leaning person I will get hate from both sides but eh,they act as if they are exact opposites when they have a lot in common.

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1 Both are easily triggered snowflakes

No explanation needed for this one. - DarkBoi-X

Yeah - B1ueNew

S - When you like Trump/Cisgenders/White People/Men/Nazis
C - When you hate Trump/Cisgenders/White People/Men/Nazis - Maddox121

2 Both claim to support things that they actually hate

Free Speech - Hate Speech or Liberal Tears - Maddox121

Do you really think that SJW's want equality or that the Alt Right really wants free speech or preserve culture. - DarkBoi-X

3 Both give a bad name to their side

Conservatives get attacked by the media, while Liberals get attacked by sane people - Maddox121

The media seriously oversaturated these two sides. Liberals are considered as triggered SJWs that will whine about pretty much everything people do, and conservatives are viewed as racist white supremists that support Muslim ban and building the wall. - Not_A_Weeaboo

As a right leaning I strongly hate the alt-right, they are just racists that think they are superior to minorities, and the SJW's aren't any better and they are the cause of the most idiotic term on the planet: political correctness! That term should not even exist and it makes SJW's go crazy! - darthvadern

Now I'm left leaning and I hate SJW's for many reasons.One of which is that they give bad name for peaceful and modest leftists like Progressives or Social Democrats.Now I'm not right leaning but the alt right certainly does give a bad name to most modest conservatives. - DarkBoi-X

4 Both are racist

The Alt Right hates minorities while SJW's hate people who are white(Even though many SJW's are white) - DarkBoi-X

5 Both are degenerates

Just look at them. - DarkBoi-X

6 Both support violent and extremist groups

The Alt Right support KKK and white supremacist and anti-immigration groups in Europe.SJW's support Antifa. - DarkBoi-X

7 Both are sexist

My favorite: SJW's think that a 20-year old woman who sees a penis at a college fraternity party 35 years ago is a serious crime, but a 10-year old girl who sees a penis in a public restroom is tolerance.

Agreed. Adults over 18 should not be able to expose themselves to kids.

SJW's hate men(Even though some SJW's are male) while Alt Right want to limit womens rights.In addition to that SJW's hate straight/hetero people while alt right hate LGBT people - DarkBoi-X

8 Both have stupid comments that are fun to read

Just look at the youtube comment section when someone disagree's with them.It's even better with popcorn. - DarkBoi-X

S - I want a woman to replace Stan Lee
C - I want a man to replace Stan Lee
S - White Male
C - Liberal Tears
S - Nazi
C - Democrats founded the KKK
S - Conservatives founded the KKK
S - But you know who founded Black Lives Matter?
C - Liberals
20 minutes later
C - I'm going to block you
S - Racist Cis-Gender
C - *blocks* - Maddox121

9 They both despise Jewish people

Not quite in the same way. Alt-right does not like Jewish people living near them, and possibly having control over monetary systems. The SJW's despise Israel's very existence, and wish every single Jewish person would vanish from the earth.

10 Both ignore science

The number of testicle I have confirms the number of genders there are in the world. - Not_A_Weeaboo

SJW's think there are more than 2 genders while the alt right think global warming is a hoax and think race is connected to IQ - DarkBoi-X

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11 Both ruin memes

Again doesn't need an explanation. - DarkBoi-X

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