Top Ten Similarities Between Twenty One Pilot's "Blurryface" and Twenty One Pilot's "Vessel"

Note: I'm not saying these albums are very similar nor am I saying that twenty one pilots are bad. I actually like them a lot and consider them unique.

The Top Ten

1 They both have lyrics that are about depression, stress/anxiety, and paranoia
2 Both last songs of the albums are softer than the other tracks

Listen to the screamo part in Goner. That ain't soft. You should rephrase this as "both tracks end with sad/powerful tracks.

3 Both first songs start with an semi-long intro than go onto a fast-tempo rap.
4 They both appeal to 11-19 year olds
5 They both are lyrically and rhythmically metaphoric
6 They both have that happy-yet-sad lyrics
7 They both are catchy and people might think you're insane when you sing the lyrics in public
8 They're both amazing
9 "We don't believe what's on TV" and "House of gold" have about the same length, the same meaning and sound alike
10 "The Judge" and ""Semi-Automatic" are both about being double-sided and alter-egos
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