Top Ten Simple Things Everybody Hates Doing


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1 Going to the Dentist

I brush once a day, but I always get cavities. Trust me, teeth are a pain in the butt just like some of those whiny small dogs... Only worse. - Turkeyasylum

Agh I hate the dentist so much because they always tell me I'm not brushing enough when I brush one tooth at a time 3x a day and then they stick all that $h! + up my mouth - ToptenPizza

These are people who dislikes you for how you brush your teeth.Don’t get me wrong I have experienced dentist who a always kind.

Not anymore, but I absolutely hated it when I was little.

My childhood dentist was a sadistic madman who loved to torture me. He restrained me and he pulled out my baby teeth extremely hard (which is why I'm nervous about my wisdom tooth and if I need it out in the future) I tried to fight back and even bit him, but it was no use. Those days were pure hell for me.

I'm so glad that business shut down for good YEARS ago, but I wish that I could sue him for abuse.

2 Making Their Bed

I have to make my bed as much as I may not want to I need to because I can't have a messy bed. (or a messy room) - sweetmadi11

Making my bed could be a nuisance, but I can't sleep in a messy bed at night - ToptenPizza

I actually enjoy making my bed. - Mariomaster63

Messy bed makes the bedroom look messy. - madoog

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3 Making Food for the Family
4 Changing Diapers

My 7 and 9 yr old cousins and I are always asked if we were willing to change our little cousins’ diapers. I had experience with changing diapers before but not enough to actually do it on a real kid. My 7 and 9 yr old cousins thought that it is gross and they wouldn’t do it, plus they both have no experience with it since they are both only in elementary school.

5 Doing Homework

Where saying that it's simple thing that everybody does - OneWayStreet

We all hate it, but believe me, it is FAR from simple.

It takes me hours to complete it

6 Cleaning the House
7 Picking Up Dog Poop
8 Going to School
9 Driving for a Long Time
10 Working

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11 Laughing at the Minions

I love doing that - Officialpen

12 Brushing Teeth
13 Clipping Nails
14 Waking up on Monday
15 Cleaning Their Room
16 Washing their hands
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