Top Ten Simple Things Everybody Hates Doing


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1 Going to the Dentist

I brush once a day, but I always get cavities. Trust me, teeth are a pain in the butt just like some of those whiny small dogs... Only worse. - Turkeyasylum

Agh I hate the dentist so much because they always tell me I'm not brushing enough when I brush one tooth at a time 3x a day and then they stick all that $h! + up my mouth - ToptenPizza

2 Making Their Bed

I have to make my bed as much as I may not want to I need to because I can't have a messy bed. (or a messy room) - sweetmadi11

Making my bed could be a nuisance, but I can't sleep in a messy bed at night - ToptenPizza

I actually enjoy making my bed. - Mariomaster63

Messy bed makes the bedroom look messy. - madoog

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3 Making Food for the Family
4 Changing Diapers
5 Doing Homework

Where saying that it's simple thing that everybody does - OneWayStreet

We all hate it, but believe me, it is FAR from simple.

6 Cleaning the House
7 Picking Up Dog Poop
8 Going to School
9 Driving for a Long Time
10 Working

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11 Laughing at the Minions

I love doing that - Officialpen

12 Brushing Teeth
13 Clipping Nails
14 Waking up on Monday
15 Cleaning Their Room
16 Washing their hands
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1. Make There Bed
2. Going To The Dentist
3. Making food for your family
1. Doing Homework
2. Going to School
3. Working



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