Top 10 The Simpsons Episodes with the Best Ending


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1 Life in the Fast Lane

Possibly the best ending in the The Simpsons after Marge takes a liking to Jacque while at the bowling alley she is faced with a difficult situation in the end she can't bare to leave Homer and arives at the power plant and right out of the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman" she surprises Homer at work and Homer carries her out with everyone cheering him on as one of them asks "What should I tell the Boss" and Homer replies "Tell him I'm going to the backseat of my car with the woman I love and I won't be back for 10 minutes! ' as the episode ends as they ride off into the sunset. - egnomac

2 And Maggie Makes Three

Personally one of my favorite endings in the Simpsons after Homer is forced to return to get his job back at the plant Mr. Burns has a plague installed to really stick it to poor Homer that says "Don't Forget, Your Here Forever" and as much as he dreaded another kid when Maggie is born he immediately falls in love with her and at the last shot of the episode we see all the pictures of Maggie covering the plaque until the words read "Do It For Her". - egnomac

This is definitely one of my favorite endings for the Simpsons. - PackFan2005

3 The Way We Was

In a flashback episode Marge goes to the prom with Artie Ziff leaving Homer heartbroken, moments later Marge gets furious at Artie for getting to personal with her and orders him to drive her home along the way she see's Homer walking home alone moments later she returns to pick up Homer realizing she should have gone to the prom with him as Homer then states "Once you stop this car, I'm going to hug you and kiss you, and that'll never be able to let you go! ' and they cut back to the present as Homer finishes "And I never did". - egnomac

4 Stark Raving Dad

After Bart forgets to give Lisa a Birthday present again he performs a song for her the next day with help from the mental patient Homer brought home who thinks he's Michael Jackson as sing for her "Happy Birthday Lisa" - egnomac

5 Mother Simpson

The ending is more better sweet after being tipped off about Mr. Burns and the police Homer drives his mother to safety where they part ways not knowing if they will ever meet again. - egnomac

6 Bart the Daredevil

In a disparate attempt to prevent Bart from jumping the gorge Homer decides to jump the gorge himself knowing full well that he won't make it this gets Bart to stop and give up being a daredevil and the two embrace before Homer on the skateboard rolls down the gorge and is sent into the air then Homer excited that he may actually make it across but ends up falling down the cliff not once but twice but at least he survives. - egnomac

Best simpsons episode ever

7 When Flanders Failed

Homer gets his wish that Ned Flanders new left handed store the Leftorium fails but actually feels bad when Flanders is forced to close down and his house gets reposed so Homer calls all the left handed of people of Springfield about the store and help save Ned's store. - egnomac

8 Like Father, Like Clown

Bart and Lisa finally are able to reunite Krusty with his estranged father and the two reconcile their differences with a song. - egnomac

9 Homer at the Bat

Not an American but what is the difference between Baseball and Softball? They look similar.

Homer wins the baseball game for the team. Not really a funny episode but it was good.

10 Lisa on Ice

Ignoring the whole part about the town rioting after the game ties after being heavenly pitted against one another Bart and Lisa reconcile after remembering how they helped each other when they were younger. - egnomac

All rivalries eventually comes to an hiatus.

Best Simpson ending ever.

So cute

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