Best The Simpsons Episodes from the First 10 Seasons


The Top Ten

1 Cape Feare (Season 5)

The rake joke was stupid. This is always number 1 because of cry babies who don't want to change the channel nowadays.

A True Classic in my opinion. - RickyReeves

2 Who Shot Mr Burns? (Season 6 & 7)

Maggie Simpson shot Mr. Burns!

3 You Only Move Twice (Season 8)
4 Treehouse of Horror IV (Season 5)


5 Last Exit to Springfield (Season 4)
6 The City of New York vs Homer Simpson (Season 9)

Aside from the tower jokes, this episode is quite funny actually. - RickyReeves

It was made in the 90s so still laugh when Homer goes to the wrong toilets.

7 Rosebud (Season 5)
8 Three Men and a Comic Book (Season 2)

Best episode ever

9 Bart the Murderer (Season 3)

Lisa is a huge dick head towards Bart!

10 Grade School Confidential (Season 8)

This episode was very funny - KalloFox34

The Contenders

11 The Springfield Files (Season 8)
12 Homer's Enemy (Season 8)

Frank "Grimey" Grimes

13 Marge vs The Monorail (Season 4)

I love this one, and I love the whole Music Man reference... So funny!

14 Girly Edition (Season 9)
15 Radio Bart (Season 3)
16 Duffless (Season 4)
17 Mr. Plow (Season 4)

Very good episode - KalloFox34

18 22 Short Films About Springfield (Season 7)

Steamed hams was classic. - KalloFox34

19 Bart of Darkness (Season 6)

Great episode - KalloFox34

20 Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song (Season 5)

Very underrated classic. Nowadays an episode like this would not exist, or at least not in the way it's written. This is one of the best examples of the show of how much were competent back in the Classic years to develop secondary characters. Seymour is shown here not only as a 40-year-old guy who lives with his mother, but also as a unsatisfied, solitary man who wants to have connections with more people, that's why he wanted a friendship with Bart. No matter if the kid did a lot of pranks to him, here is implied that Seymour deep down wants Bart to get better as a student and as a person.
Episodes like this makes Seymour's eventual flanderization so frustrating... many of the qualities his character had were disappearing...

21 Mayored to the Mob (Season 10)

An episode with Mark Hammil? That's unpossible!

22 Kamp Krusty (Season 4)
23 New Kid On The Block (Season 4)

I liked N'SYNC cameo!

24 Treehouse of Horror V (Season 6)

I'm not a fan of the Halloween episodes either but I think this episode is funny

I usually don't like Treehouses of Horror, because, you know, they're disgusting, but this one I've really taken a liking to... Best and only Treehouse of Horror I like!

Here's Johnny! Dough! Best Simpson's of all time.

25 Homer Badman (Season 6)
26 Flaming Moe's (Season 3)

I loved this episode! - KalloFox34

Yeah, Moe's a jerk, but this episode has a great song and overall just an awesome plot and brilliant humor.

27 Bart The General (Season 1)

Nelson Muntz's first appearance.

28 Treehouse of Horror (Season 2)
29 This Little Wiggy (Season 9)
30 Life On The Fast Lane (Season 1)
31 Treehouse of Horror II (Season 3)
32 All Singing, All Dancing (Season 9)
33 Moaning Lisa (Season 1)
34 Bart the Daredevil (Season 2)
35 Viva Ned Flanders (Season 10)
36 Lisa Gets an 'A' (Season 10)

Great episode - KalloFox34

37 Treehouse of Horror VIII (Season 9)
38 Bart's Comet (Season 6)
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