Best Simpsons Episodes Where a Character is a Pariah


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1 Homer Badman (Season 6)

Homer and Marge go to a candy convention and hires a babysitter for the kids, when they come home, Homer takes the babysitter home, he sees a rare piece of candy stuck to her buttocks and is accused for sexual harassment.

Pariah: Homer Simpson - RickyReeves

That's why.

2 Hurricane Neddy (Season 8)

A Hurricane hits Springfield and destroys Ned's house, and all of the other homes are still standing, after an attempt to rebuild is house fails, he lashes out on all the Springfieldians and confines himself to a mental institute. He finds out that the reason why he was so angry because of an eight month continuous spanking session worked too well.

Pariah: Ned Flanders - RickyReeves

3 Bart Sells His Soul (Season 7)

In an attempt to prove to Milhouse that there are no such thing as a soul, Bart sells his soul to Milhouse, but he has an out-of-body experience (because he has no soul), he tries to get his soul back

Pariah: Bart Simpson - RickyReeves

4 Scenes from a Class Struggle in Springfield (Season 7)

Marge buys a Chanel suit for $90, marked down from $2800 in an outlet store, she wears it and bumps into an old schoolmate, she invites Marge and the family to a country club and becomes obsessed trying to fit in. But after one of the women makes fun of Marge because she always wears the same suit, this makes her even more obsessed and alters the suit

Pariah: Marge Simpson and maybe Bart too (he doesn't really do anything in the club, as Lisa takes up horseriding and Homer becomes a golfer) - RickyReeves

5 Homer and Apu (Season 5)

After Homer costs Apu his job in the Kwik-e-Mart, Apu becomes depressed and moves in with The Simpsons

Pariah: Apu Nahassapeemapetilon - RickyReeves

6 Bart the Fink (Season 7)

After Bart accidentally finks on Krusty for tax evasion, he's arrested and all his money is taken to pay for the taxes. He becomes depressed and fakes his death to live a new life

Pariah: Krusty the Clown - RickyReeves

7 The Cartridge Family (Season 9)

Marge becomes fearful when Homer buys a gun and he becomes reckless with the gun. He promises that he will dispose of the gun, but Bart finds the gun and Marge and the kids leave Homer

Pariah: Homer Simpson - RickyReeves

8 Million-Dollar Abie (Season 17)

Springfield becomes close to getting a football team, but Grampa kidnaps the football commissioner and cancels the idea, he becomes hated and wants to get euthanised, but it backfires and becomes a bullfighter

Pariah: Abraham 'Abe' Simpson - RickyReeves

9 Marge in Chains (Season 4)

Marge is caught stealing from the Kwik-e-Mart and she is sent to prison, but when Springfield starts to fall apart, they realize that Marge would have prevented all of the riots, and is released from prison

Pariah: Marge Simpson - RickyReeves

10 Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song (Season 5)

Skinner gets fired after SLH runs amok in school.

Pariah: Skinner - RickyReeves

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