Top Ten Simpsons Moments That Became Reality

There's some crazy Simpsons moments but it's hard to believe that they have happened

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1 The Land Of Chocolate

On the episode Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk which literally translates to "Burns sells the Power plant" as that's what he does. The plant gets sold to three Germans who say they're from the land of chocolate. Homer daydreams about running around a land made of chocolate.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: In 2013 a theme park was opened in Shanghai where most things were made of chocolate. There's many things that can be done here including weighing yourself on chocolate scales. In the chocolate exhibit is many beautifully crafted chocolate masterpieces. - Cazaam

2 Faulty Voting Machine


3 Lemon Tree Theft

On the episode Lemon of Troy. Shelbyville kids steal the lemon tree in Springfield. Would you believe that a lemon tree was stolen in real life? Well, there's been such a story.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: A mystery person stole a lemon tree out of a woman's garden. Makes you wonder was this person actually trying to parody The Simpsons in real life? - Cazaam

4 Trump as President - S11-E17

Fact: Bart to the Future was once rated as the worst episode of the series and Season 11 marked the start of the Silver Age.
Season 11: 6/10
Season 12: 9/10
Season 13: 7/10
Season 14: 8/10
Season 15: 8.5/10
Season 16: 7.5/10
Season 17: 8.75/10
Season 18: 7.25/10

America Can Be My Ex-Wife!

5 Grease Theft

In the episode Lard of the Dance, Homer and Bart get into the grease industry. After many grueling days they turn all the grease in but end up only getting 63 cents from it all.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Many people work in the grease industry sector of the black market but in real life grease is worth $1 a gallon. In 2011, Grease thieves stole over 8.3 MILLION galllons of grease. - Cazaam

6 Baby Translator

In the episode Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? Where Homer's brother is seen homeless after the failure that was The Homer car, Herb bounces back with the Baby Translator.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: There's an app you can get for an iPhone which can "diagnose" a baby's cry. It will tell you what the baby wants. - Cazaam

7 The City of New York vs Homer Simpson - 1997

Does this refer to the 9/11 bus ad? That was a creepy coincidence.

Though on a personal level with this episode. While I live right next to a big city, Chicago, whenever I go downtown I completely understand how Homer feels about New York.

So I'm guessing 9/11 was caused by the Simpsons and not terrorists? - creed99

8 Yard Work Simulator

I'm not really a fan of virtual reality I wouldn't use it.
I was interested when I was little, I wondered if it would ever be invented. Yeah I know there was Virtual Boy but what was the success of that.

In the Rich Texan's Carnival is Hitler's Car, The Tooth Chipper and a Yard Work simulator.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: In 2009 Zynga released Farmville because they knew everyone loved taking care of their virtual yard. The game was a massive success. So much of a success that it became one of the cool things to hate... NO, I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR FARMVILLE GAME REQUEST! Just so you know. - Cazaam

9 Came In Like a Wrecking Ball

It's just a random joke not weird music videos.


In the episode Sideshow Bob Roberts, Homer protects his house from demolition by holding on to a wrecking ball and getting himself knocked against the house instead of the big ball.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball - Cazaam

Also he took a ride on one in the movie. Between a rock and a Hard place - westofohio

10 Star Wars and Alvin and the Chipmunks Opening On Same Day - S21-E1

Happened with The Force Awakens and Road Chip.

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11 Assorted Horse Parts

To cut costs at Springfield Elementary, Lunchlady Doris uses a barrel of assorted horse parts Now with more testicles! Because more testicles means more iron.
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: Does anybody remember the 2013 horsemeat scandal. You would if you were British like me but anyway. Retailers tried to cut the costs by importing horsemeat burgers as beef burgers. Search up on the horsemeat scandal, I can't explain it very well. - Cazaam

12 I Was Elected To Lead Not To Read
13 A Sign Is Not a Cop
14 Using Horse Meat In Supposedly Hamburger - S5-E19
15 Radiation Spawning Mutant Tomatoes - S11-E5
16 There's Very Little Meat In These Gym Mats

When the school is in dire need of funding, Lunchlady Doris minces up the old gym mats to save money.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: In McDonald's, there's an ingredient in the McRib bread which is Azodicarbonamide. This substance is found in the manufacturing of foam gym mats and the soles of shoes. The substance is banned in most of Europe. - Cazaam

17 Curious George and the Ebola Virus

The Book Marge was holding in Lisa's Sax (Season 9), nearly 17 years later, the Ebola virus breaks out - RickyReeves

Are you saying Ebola just became a thing in 2014? Ebola has been around for decades, the only reason its big on the news now is because a few people in first world countries started getting it. But the original joke was that George is a monkey, Ebola is said to have originated in monkeys, so Curious George gets Ebola. I don't see how this in any way predicts anything. Its like if a kid gets the chicken pox and freaks out that chicken pox was mentioned on something 40 years ago.

18 Apple Watch - S6 - E19
19 Siri Messing Up When You Ask A Question - S6 - E8
20 My Retirement Grease
21 Scotchtoberfest
22 Flaming Moe

Someone made one of these? How?

23 FarmVille - S9 - E12
24 Stolen Sugar Truck
25 The Good Morning Burger
26 It Tastes Like Grandma!
27 Itchy and Scratchy's Bloody Billboard
28 Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk -1991

Foreign takeovers of domestic production.

29 Sideshow Bob Roberts Dr. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, better known as Sideshow Bob, is a recurring character in the animated television series The Simpsons.
30 Bonfire of the Manatees

The first episode of Season 17

Season 17, 2005-2006

31 Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song
32 The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
33 Lisa on Ice

Love > Rivalry

34 Bart Carny
35 Octuplets

I'm completely shocked no one has mentioned this during the whole Octo-Mom craze after some lady had octuplets just like how Apu and Manjula did.

36 Ke$ha's Tik Tok Being Used as an Intro to the Episode To Surveil with Love

Ugh... I can't believe the Simpsons had the audacity to do this...

My head hurts every time I see this intro.

37 Siegfried and Roy Mauled By a Tiger - S5 - E10
38 Toys R Us closing
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