Top 10 The Simpsons Running Gags

The numerous running gags from The Simpsons over its 30 year run from Bart's prank calls to Homer's Doh'.

The Top Ten

1 Bart's Prank Calls

Possibly one of the most memorable Simpsons running gags with Bart making prank calls to Moe's and rallying him up. - egnomac

He prank called an old man in South America who was Hitler. - TeamRocket747

I.P. Freely, I'm a stupid moron..., Amanda Hugginkiss, Hugh Jass, etc. What an amazing gag. - TheAwesomeBowser

2 Homer's Doh'

It's been added to the dictionary - SeagullBoi

3 Barney's Alcoholism

He drinks in basically every episode he appears in. - Spongehouse

4 Smither's Love for Mr. Burns

It was no secret that Smither's had a undying love for his boss Mr. Burns even when he treats him like crap most of time even going as far as fantasizing about Mr. Burns in very creepy and unsettling situations. - egnomac

5 Nelson's Ha Ha
6 Chief Wiggum Being an Incompetent Police Officer

Chief Wiggum just may be the worst cop on the force which makes you wonder just how he's still managed to keep his job. - egnomac

7 Homer Strangling Bart

Should be in the top three! - Spongehouse

8 Release the Hounds
9 Sideshow Bob Trying to Kill Bart

Ever since Bart had Sideshow Bob arrested for framing Krusty Bob has made it is goal in life to kill Bart but manages to fail time and time again. - egnomac

10 School Budget Cuts

Springfield Elementary has seen several budget cuts over the years that you wonder how they can still keep it running. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 The Couch Gag
12 Where Is Springfield

Trying to trick us every time - SeagullBoi

13 Hi I'm Troy McLure You May Remember Me From Such Films As
14 Homer Stealing Ned's Stuff
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1. Release the Hounds
2. Chief Wiggum Being an Incompetent Police Officer
3. Bart's Prank Calls
1. Bart's Prank Calls
2. Homer's Doh'
3. Smither's Love for Mr. Burns


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