Hidden Gems #32 Simpsons Road Rage, Hit & Run, The Game

htoutlaws2012 I do not know about you, but Simpsons has had a very mixed balance of both good and the bad in terms of video games in general The wrestling game was terrible, the skateboarding forget about it, but it did have an awesome arcade game back in the day. I do remember a trio of games from the 2000's I fought were very enjoyable when I think of the series I go back to these specially. Like usual we will start with the earliest of these titles.

Road Rage: Simpsons Road Rage for its time was a ripoff/clone of Sega's Crazy Taxi... the only difference is the humor of the Simpsons which during this time was still great value for 2001. Released for the PlayStation 2, Original Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube it sold decently well, and some still enjoyed despite looking like similar comparison allegations in which they were able to escape the clutches of Sega in this case. There are three modes to play Road Rage, Mission Mode, and Head to Head which is you, and a friend playing against one another. There's also Sunday Drive which is practice if you really need it. Mission Mode is playing though 10 mission all various locations of the 6 levels you end having to play. Speaking of these locations the only way you unlock is by playing Road Rage itself, super repetitive over, and over until eventually completing the game with 1,000,000 dollars in cash thus having everything unlocked. Being younger, and not of noticed that it was basically Crazy Taxi with Simpsons character shows that it had something different, and that was the humor was still great at its time when that prime was still respectable. Although its creativity is weak its still a fun day to pull out if your a fan of the old Simpsons 6.5/10.

Hit & Run: Skip over 2 years from the awful skateboarding attempt, and now discuss one of the pinnacles of Simpsons games right here maybe 2003 was an underrated year in gaming for all the unknown titles getting its love, and Simpsons Hit & Run I have heard everybody loves to this day. 15 years later it has excellent replay value for the PlayStation 2, Original Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube. The games premise is very alike to the Grand Theft Auto series which majority love that type of free roam like style where here you could recreate that in a Springfield setting. Opening cutscene shows a robotic like bee spying on the Simpsons family as its destroyed, and then the menu screen appears. There'a a scrapbook Book, and Bonus game mode which you can look at as you progress through the story. There are 7 levels in total, but there actually pretty lengthy for being labeled as such. Not do you play with the family itself you also have some side characters also like Snake, Apu, and the Comic Book Guy. Within the gameplay are coins, a hit and run meter, and collector Cards which can be found hidden areas of each chapter (level). I do think this is a great touch making not totally obvious being like Grand Theft Auto with other side guests to do. Kinda like Battle for Bikini Bottom which is a great platformer where this a similarly great license game that yeah it does lose points because its not that original of a concept, but still a pretty good game, and considered to be one of the best in that Simpsons category 8/10.

The Simpsons Game: Our last game we will talk about from this 2000's period would be The Simpsons Game which came out of the 8th generation consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii) it even was released in handhelds (Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable), and the PlayStation 2 of the year 2007 (which was an awesome year in gaming by the way). What I like about this is not only is it widely exposed for all the latest consoles that were selling at the time, but each cover looked different. ''The plot is self-referential in nature, with the Simpson family discovering that they are forced to participate in another Simpsons video game.'' What's ironic about this game is it was released near when the movie also came out 3 months after. My initial impression was that being what is based around, but no its more like that Family Guy Game for the PlayStation 2 which is freaking sweet as well despite those who now hate that show, but wait that's not this about. You play as the entire family battling through 16 levels. Addicting fun that they completely got it right with originality, and just to me a really great successor to Hit & Run as it gets 9/10.


Hit & Run was basically my childhood. Hell, I even pop it in from now and then and feel the nostalgia wash over me like a wave in the ocean.

You know what surprised me, actually? Despite the PG rating, you're able to attack children, as opposed to sandboxes like Skyrim/Fallout where attacking them does nothing, or Grand Theft Auto, where they're nowhere to be found. There's nothing stopping you from kicking a defenceless child into the streets, and watching as a nearby car runs them over. They get better, but still. - BlarchBlaces

Yep. - visitor

I love Hit and Run - iliekpiez