Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs

The Top Ten Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs

1 Get Together

Gonna get this one as soon as I can load the base game! - MLPFan

It’s ok Get famous, Get to work, pets, seasons,city living are all better the get together

Making clubs and such is so fun! - benjigoo

It's so fun

2 City Living


3 Seasons

This list has obviously been abandoned, but city living and get together were terrible expansions, but this one was AMAZING. I loved it

Best expansion pack


4 Cats & Dogs
5 Get to Work

I never get bored of designing stores.

6 Parenthood
7 Dine Out

Dine out is the newest expansion for The Sims 4 series!

8 Get Famous
9 Spa Day

This pack has sooo many cool new modern items that are sure to be favorites of many simmers

10 Outdoor Retreat

The Contenders

11 Vampires
12 Island Living

It is amazing! I love living in the island of Sulani! the weather is amazing there is you have Seasons! your sims can even get a sun-tan or even get sunburnt! the mermaids are fabulous! and the CAS items and build mode items are amazing!

Honestly I forget about this pack

13 Cool Kitchen
14 Spooky Stuff
15 Perfect Patio
16 Luxury Party
17 Romantic Garden
18 Kids Room

A new stuff pack for Sims 4

19 Bowling Night Stuff
20 Movie Stuff

It's Movie Hangout Stuff

21 Backyard Stuff

It's a new stuff pack

22 Moschino
23 Bowling Night
24 Jungle Adventure

A new holiday experience for your sims

25 Strangerville
26 Movie Hangout Stuff
27 Laundry Day Stuff
28 Kids Room Stuff
29 Vintage Glamour Stuff
30 Fitness Stuff
31 Romantic Garden Stuff
32 Perfect Patio Stuff
33 My First Pet Stuff
34 Cool Kitchen Stuff
35 Toddler Stuff
36 Luxury Party Stuff
37 Moschino Stuff
38 Realm of Magic
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