Best Sims 4 Stuff Packs

This list is made for Sims 4 users that can find a reasonable or a good stuff pack to buy. I recommend them in this list, so you don't have to waste your money (like I did).

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1 Cool Kitchen Stuff

No, this is not the best stuff pack I'm sorry but it barely adds anything, yes the items are nice but gameplay wise there is nothing to do except making your sims have a nice ice cream treat just for them to have brain freeze. There are better stuff packs for sure. - tacoperson

Don't get why this is at the top all it gives is ice cream...

Cool Kitchen Stuff at first seemed like a joke to me. I thought that it was a waste of $10 Bucks. But when I got it, I fell instantly in love with the Create a sim objects. There is not one pack that I do not use as much as the Cool Kitchen stuff. The CAS items are great, and I build and use kitchens a lot. Great Pack! - UgGames332

It's a great pack if you're always in the kitchen and cooking! It doesn't add a lot of new game play but it's a really, really good pack! The CAS items are pretty awesome and it adds more kitchen items and it looks modern too! I do love the pack, defiantly recommend.

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2 Bowling Night Stuff

I wasn't completely sure about this when it was first announced, but I'm a big fan of it now

Bowling night stuff was good, it had bowling and I bowl a lot in real life. Lots of Retro and some objects that are a staple in my building. Some CAS items are good as well. If you love the retro era and items, this is a MUST have. - UgGames332

If you like the mid century style, this is the pack to go. it also has a lot of cool CAS items that I use on every sim. however I never use the actual bowling thing,non the less it is a great stuff pack.

3 Laundry Day Stuff

This is a great pack and use it in pretty much every house that I can fit the mechanics in

It add the most stuff than any other pack

Great addition to the game

Great pack! Adds more realism and a challenge to the base game

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4 Perfect Patio Stuff

I think that the hot tub is a nice touch to the game!

Addition of hot tubs which I use along with the BBQ and furniture a lot

-HOT TUBS, AND GOOD ITEMS, is all you need to say. No items were good or bad. It was the first stuff pack I got, and I didn't regret this at all. - UgGames332

5 Movie Hangout Stuff

I like that you have the theater screen and popcorn maker. The movies are a nice touch and your sim develops moodlets depending on the film.

Wow, I love movies, so I had to get this. It had BAD ITEMS for normal sims, but awesome FOR HIPPIES. So… This should be called the hippie pack. But I also like it because, the items are more unique. Its up to you to have some of these weird items in this game. Also my sims live off of popcorn, so its good to have. - UgGames332

6 Vintage Glamour Stuff

I like this quite a bit, and I really like using the new Vanity Table for my lady sims. It actually feels like my women sims are getting ready for a real party or good event. Most objects are good for use, but I really think this pack does the best at showing you what it really is. Its straightforward honestly how the content looks. So if you are interested in getting the pack, there will be no surprises. - UgGames332

1 word: Butler.

The addition of the butler is a really nice thing to consider in this pack. Especially if you want to have children but really don't want to take care of them.

Butlers is a big gameplay element and not as broken as I was sort of expecting? plus, there's some good stuff in here. It's not tacky or ridiculous looking stuff like the CAS items for luxury party stuff.

7 Luxury Party Stuff

I didn’t really thing about Luxury Party much, until I was making a big project, and I needed it for the project (20+ hours). This pack has quite a lot of CAS items. So that's good. The thing that it does to shot itself in the foot, is 12 Build and Buy Objects. If you are looking to get this pack, don't expect Build and Buy Objects. - UgGames332

8 Kids Room Stuff

This is the only stuff pack for Sims 4 I have, and I really like it. Kids are my favorite life stage in sims 4, and this pack adds a lot of stuff for them. Also, Void Critters remind me of Pokemon, and I LOVE Pokemon.

I love all the games and childrens room items that come with this pack! And I adore the pokemon-like game and cards.

Kids Room stuff is something I don't want, and I don't use a lot of. This pack can be bought if you use kids a lot in your game. Go ahead and buy it if you like kids a lot, but this pack is not one of my favorites. - UgGames332

This pack is really good if you spend a lot of time using kids in your game, it has plenty of decorations and is perfect for new items to fill your kids rooms with!

9 Romantic Garden Stuff

This is the only other pack I wanted to get, I love making gardens and using a wishing well sounded really cool. Also a great tip: Use this with get together. An Expansion Pack I highly recommend. - UgGames332

10 Toddler Stuff

The hair styles and outfits definitely add something (I finally have ballies for my little girls with textured hair! ), but the toddler play area objects are the real selling point for me. The animations are adorable and they help the kids build skills. I would say this is a must-have if you enjoy helping your sims earn the Top-Notch Toddler advantage.

I don't really like the toddlers so I wouldn't recommended this. Many of the items in build mode shouldn't even exist. 4/10 wouldn't recommend.

Toddler Stuff. Oh Boy. This pack is another preference pack for you. If you like toddlers, then I highly recommend this. But I don't like kids, so... It Makes sense. And one more thing, the ball pit should of been a sandbox. - UgGames332

I love toddlers and this pack adds so much more to it! There are SUPER cute outfits and objects!

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11 Backyard Stuff

Slip n slide boys

12 Fitness Stuff

UMM… This pack is only #10 because of headphones, and the CAS items. But with no original Build and Buy objects. It's a retexture for most of them. Oh, and working out in front on a television is good (should of been in base game). Lets not forget the climbing wall (the most forgettable part about this pack). WHO WANTS TO USE A FIRE BREATHING, MECHANICAL CLIMBING WALL?!? I'm sorry, I ranted there. This is actually a bad pack because I really don't think they put much effort into this. This pack is not a pack I recommend. - UgGames332

13 Spooky Stuff

Spooky stuff is great! It would be really hard to celebrate Halloween without it. It has lots more costumes which are great even if you don't want to celebrate Halloween, and it has lots of spooky decorations. Whilst they are more party decorations, it could go well with Vampires Pack and is on sale near Halloween! Don't forget the Skeleton Teddy Bear

14 My First Pet Stuff

It's a meme in the simmer community it's so bad. My first pet stuff am I right?


I think they should have just added this into the actual expansion "cats and dogs" as the expansion itself was lacking in the items for your pets, all this stuff pack did is add little costumes and decor oh and not to mention a hamster.. feels like a waste of money but if you must go for it

15 Sims 4: City Living

Its kinda rude of people to call the food in City Living "Edgy" and the names "
Weird". It's a great pack (Although NOT a stuff pack, if it was it would be a great deal though) and the food and names are not "edgy' or "weird", they're from other cultures, so maybe their NOT Frank and Beans and Pizza, but that doesn't make them "EDGY" it just makes them CULTURALLY INCLUSIVE. Now, if there was a Demon Lord pack where you could eat humans and souls, THAT would be "Edgy" food.

Um... isn’t this for stuff packs?

You will have a great couple of months with this, but when a year passes after you buy it, it becomes repetitive. The same people, the same activities, the same “edgy” food, the same festivals. It’s super fun to have in the beginning don’t get me wrong. Just not a long time thing. After you have it for a while, it’s only purpose is for machinamias.
Don’t fully recommend it unless you do Sims 4 Machinamias (however they’re spelt)

16 The Sims 4: Seasons

This pack makes the game so much more realistic, it has some beautiful build and buy items and some really nice CAS items. I also love the calendar and holiday aspects it adds.

A great way to make the gameplay more interesting and realistic. If you are one to like holidays, then this is the (expansion) pack for you!

17 The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

I mean you can get cats and dogs, which was obvious. This was my first ever packs, and it’s still one of my favorites. (to be honest, I love ea and every sims pack, and I don’t really even have a favorite, but still)

18 Sims Witch Craft

Dude I mean I think it looks hella lit I don't know 'bout u

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