Top 10 Sindhi Singers

List of top 10 Sindhi language singers of the world.

The Top Ten

1 Sodhal Faqeer Laghari

The Great mystic singer from Sind.

The only singer in the world that actuality weep while singing sad songs

I m sindhi. Jai jhulelal

I am sindhi.proud my self...

Jay julelal

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2 Alan Faqeer Manganhar

The most heard Sindhi singer of the world.

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3 Runa Laila

You r the best

4 Sawan Faqeer Managhar

The Indian Sindhi singer from Rajistan State

5 Mumtaz Lashari

One of the most successful singers of the Sind

Incarnation of Master Chander

6 Master Chnader

He is a best singer.

He has the depth in his voice.

Mohammad rafi of sindhi gayki

Best sufi gayak.

7 Mai Bhagi

Great voice from the past

8 Saima Manzoor
9 Saleem Raza


10 Sonia Nirma

The Contenders

11 Vandana Nirankari (Vandy)
12 Baby Lata (Bhagtani)

Sukhmani sahib singed by her very beautifuly

13 Sai Bunty Ji
14 Bhagwanti Navani
15 Babu Bhai
16 Mukesh Ahuja
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