Top 10 Sindhi Singers

List of top 10 Sindhi language singers of the world.

The Top Ten

1 Sodhal Faqeer Laghari

The Great mystic singer from Sind.

The only singer in the world that actuality weep while singing sad songs

Yas I Praued I am sindhi


I m proud to be a sindhi

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2 Alan Faqeer Manganhar

The most heard Sindhi singer of the world.

Wai of shah Latif at its best

3 Runa Laila

You r the best

4 Sawan Faqeer Managhar

The Indian Sindhi singer from Rajistan State

5 Mumtaz Lashari

One of the most successful singers of the Sind

Incarnation of Master Chander

6 Master Chnader

He is a best singer.

He has the depth in his voice.

He is best real singer

Best singer

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7 Mai Bhagi

Great voice from the past

8 Vandana Nirankari (Vandy)

Through her style of singing Vandana has brought back Sindhi youth to listening to Sindhi Music. The new way of presenting Sindhi Classics has been highly appreciated and valued by the Sindhi Community. To top it all is her pleasing personality and charm. A complete singer.

She is keeping alive the language in the Sindhi youth through her latest music. Kudos to you Vandy!

Her voice made me hear and love sindhi songs, Beautiful voice she's blessed with.

Good singer

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9 Saima Manzoor
10 Saleem Raza


The Contenders

11 Kamala Keswani
12 Sonia Nirma
13 Baby Lata (Bhagtani)

Sweet melody voice

Best singer

Sukhmani sahib singed by her very beautifuly

14 Sai Bunty Ji
15 Bhagwanti Navani

Her voice is as sweet as the great singer LATAJI & She is great singer.

16 Babu Bhai
17 Mukesh Ahuja
18 Ghanshyam
19 Ram Panjwani

After partition greatest supporter of sindhies and sindhi language.

20 Kajal Chandiramani

Grand daughter of she Ram Panjwani.

Best I've heard ttill date

21 Shyam Shivani
22 Ramesh Lakhani
23 Jatin Udasi

Jatin udasi you are great

24 Deepu Gulab


25 Lila Mamtani

Lila is the best

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