Jackie Evancho

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Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .


Jackie has perfect pitch. She doesn't make mistakes singing many songs in foreign languages. Her work has produced platinum and gold albums. She is able to control the stage all by herself with major orchestras and in very famous venues. She has sung with many of the greats such as Tony Bennett and Andrea Bocelli. She has done three PBS specials which provided some of the highest ratings ever, for the Great Performances shows. She has performed in Russia, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries. She even appeared in a movie with Robert Redford. There is little doubt she is the best and only getting better.

One listen is all it takes, Jackie Evancho is not just 2015's best teen singer, but is the best teen singer ever.

The little girl with the big voice has grown up and like fine wine, gotten better with age! That says a lot when you consider she's still only 15! Most things have a ceiling - she doesn't...it's frightening in a good way to think about her potential because it seems endless. Not many artists can move people to tears as effortlessly as she does - that's how good Jackie is! She is a MUST to listen to! She sings from the heart with so much emotion herself - she takes you on a journey with her!

No other singer since humans started recording music comes close to the beauty of Jackie Evancho's voice. Simply, unbelievable.

There are times in life when very special gifts come our way and Jackie Evancho is one of those magnificently unique and precious gifts. If you are smitten and captured by the music of Jackie Evancho, please know you are not alone. There are millions similarly smitten and held by Jackie's enchantments.

I hope you recognize that it is quite useless to imagine there is a cure. Instead, be thankful, for Jackie Evancho is a God-send and an experience of a lifetime.

What singer do you know of that can "often" make grown men/women weep.. ?
Something is undefinable about this voice.. unique is an understatement.

Every song Jackie sings, she sings with perfection and her style and passion just pours out. She is brilliant in classical crossover songs sung in Italian, and has sung in French and is always in perfect pitch with excellent vibrato and intonation. Jackie is 15 years old, and her vocal range expands from lower to higher range as she gets matures and gets better and better. Jackie is the best female singer born after 1997.

I have listened to Jannina and several others on this list and, in my opinion Jackie Evancho is far and away the #1 contestant here! I'm not saying that any of the others are not good but quite the opposite! The comparison is that Jackie has the tone and pitch in her voice that pulls you in whereas the others have great voices they don't have the mesmerizing effect on people like Jackie does and have the ability to connect like Jackie does. The others are very good without a doubt, but Jackie is better in so many ways that I believe she should be number 1, in my opinion!

Jackie has the purest and richest vocal instrument with the ability to convey the emotional message of any song... Better than even the most sophisticated adult singers. She caresses each note and holds it in a loving embrace. Absolutely heavenly and phenomenal. And what an endearing and charming personality. Love everything she has produced thus far. Can't wait to see what her career will further do.

There is just no one out there that compares to Jackie! The smoothest most beautiful voice in the world. When I watch her perform I often forget she is only fifteen. She has the confidence of a seasoned professional far beyond her years. Once she steps on the stage she owns it and she can sing a huge repertoire of songs in several languages flawlessly!

The most beautiful voice of any singer I have ever heard and that includes those born before and after 1997. I don't expect to witness another voice to equal hers in my lifetime. She alone is responsible for me enjoying classical and contemporary music. I had always been a rocker but now I look forward to hearing everthing she sings and records. I think her voice is legendary.

She is still going strong and is gonna be the best!

People consistently travel from all over the world just to experience a Jackie Evancho concert in person. And for good reason. The beauty of Jackie's incredible gift of voice is something you never, ever forget.

Jackie's voice, simply stated, is utterly magnificent. Her personality and stage presence are delightful. She is a lovely, well mannered role model and an ambassador of good will. She just keeps getting better and better. Purity in pitch and tone, never shrill, the "Jackie effect" is like no other.

Jackie inspires me to work hard and love life. I definitely feel the 'Jackie effect' when I listen to her pure tones and melodic voice. She is confident, industrious and incredibly talented, singing in several languages and with joyous emotion.

Jackie Evancho has an amazing singing voice!

Jackie's voice is One in a zillion. She has a mezmerizing way of taking you on an emotionalal and spiritual journey with each note she sings. She becomes The song and as you experience The Jackie Effect it will never leave you. Her voice is a healing balm, a source of joy and fills you with peace. Her singing is the cure For whatever ailment you Have. There will Never be another Jackie Evancho. Her Heart is tuned to God Almighty when she sings and it is Truly heaven on earth to be in The Presence of this singing Angel.

There are lots of fantastic young singers but Jackie Evancho's voice has an indefinable quality that is her unique gift -- a quality that frequently brings people who are otherwise calm and composed to wonderful fits of tears.

Jackie Evancho quickly became America's sweetheart 5 years ago after appearing on America's Got Talent. Thanks to her mentor David Foster and good management, she is a platinum award winning artist with a world-wide fan base.

Jackie has the most beautiful singing voice in the world.

Her resume for a 15 year old girl is greater than many (most) other artist more than twice her age. Jackie Evancho is in it for the long haul. Most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

Jackie simply has the purest, most beautiful singing voice in the world.

Jackie's singing never fails to amaze.

She's just Wonderful & Amazing...! When She starts to sing, She makes the world happier...! Such an Amazing, pure, Wonderful voice of an Angel. She deserves it the most!

While Jackie does have perfect pitch and the best voice I've heard in 71 years, what makes her the one is the connection Jackie makes with our hearts. GO JACKIE