Best Singers Born After 1997

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21 Krisia Todorova

Excellent stage presence. Excellent vocal range for her age. Bulgaria

22 Aditi Iyer

Incredibly powerful vocals... Beautiful voice... Always in tune...

23 Natalia Atkinson
24 Cydel Gabutero

"Cydel Gabutero Live Performance ( And I Am Telling You, by: Jennifer Holiday )" on YouTube.

25 Brooke Falls

Brooke is in her sixteenth year. Her upper register and vibrato provide a world-class quality. Mother Nature is bestowing both tone and color to her lower register providing a warm inviting full beautiful voice.

A late comer to YouTube, however it doesn't matter, any day now a popular YouTuber will discover this wonder and we will watch her propel in theatre, musicals and crossover. Listen to others, whoever you won't find a purer voice anywhere!

Pure star quality voice at 15 years old!

26 Miruna Popescu
27 Veronica Rotin

Veronica is a great young singer, she has an incredibly powerful voice and superb technique. She can sing any song in the Western cannon that can be pitched to her range. She can hold a note on a single pitch, without waivering, for at least 14 seconds in length.

"Veronica Rotin - All By Myself" on YouTube.

28 Noelle Maracle
29 Chiara D'Ambrosio

I love their talent playing musical instruments with singing accompanied

30 Gabriela Yordanova

"Gabriela Yordanova & Ivan Stoyanov - Colour of Hope - Bulgaria - 2015 Junior Eurovision Song" on YouTube.

31 Jasmine Clarke

Excellent vocal range. Australia

32 Yu Jiahui
33 David Parejo
34 Daria Stefan
35 Miruna Pinzaru
36 Grace Vardell
37 Maddi Jane
38 Katie Belle Akin
39 Jordan Jansen
40 Anfisa Wistinghausen
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