Best Singers Born After 1998


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21 Angelina Jordan

One of the most incredible wonders of the world. A virtuoso!

22 Dayana Kirillova
23 Miruna Popescu

"Sam Smith - Writing's On The Wall (from Spectre) by MAYA Pop" on YouTube. She is also known as MAYA Pop.

24 Hannah Richardson

"Songbird by Fleetwood Mac (Cover by Hannah Richardson)"

25 Claudia Tripp
26 Sapphire
27 Tereza Todorova
28 Oana Cenuşe
29 Brooke Falls V 1 Comment
30 Madi Lee
31 Marlisa Ann Punzalan
32 Martine Singer (Ronning)
33 Emily Faith
34 Sonya Lapshakova
35 Lina Kuduzovic
36 Kiah Spurle V 1 Comment
37 Breeze Redwine

.. she has the most incredible voice since Adele, Tracy Chapman and Amy Winehouse ..
She is unbelievable .. sing a coversong and change some and it sounds better than the original ..

in case of '7 Years' by Lukas Graham - ".. Breeze sings this version with such skill and emotion that it makes the original seem like a trivial throw-away performance in comparison .."

And about 'Crazy in Love' by Beyoncé - " .. The difference between this version and the version it is based on is just simply amazing, how 2 versions of the same song, using essentially the same elements, canbe so different is astonishing... "

About 'Hello' by Adele - ".. Breeze sings this excellent version in a lower key than the original, takes off the polish of the original, roughs up the edges and adds some real soul to the song bringing out the emotion to a much greater extant than in the original .. "

these are only 3 comments she got for songs ..

Watch her videos, listen to her ...more

38 Anastasia Petrik (Nastia Petrik)
39 Aditi Iyer
40 Liya Shamsina
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